February 26, 2024

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Silvio Berlusconi: His children sell his villa in Sardinia for half a billion

Silvio Berlusconi: His children sell his villa in Sardinia for half a billion

The heirs of Silvio Berlusconi have put the former Italian Prime Minister's Villa Certosa in Sardinia up for sale, for 500 million euros (£425 million).

Until mid-December 2023, reports in the Italian press indicated that Silvio Berlusconi's five sons wanted to sell much of the real estate of the former Italian Prime Minister, who died last June at the age of 86. In fact, in the first phase, Berlusconi's heirs wanted to sell Villa Certosa, located in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia.

While Berlusconi's sons have inherited other palaces that they are considering selling, according to Il Messaggero, the only thing that is certain is that… Villa San Martino in Arcor, where the famous “bunga bunga” parties were held Berlusconi spent most of his life, It will not be sold under any circumstances – until further notice, at least. Evidence of the above is that the Daily Mail newspaper, in its article issued in June 2023, a few days after the death of the former Italian Prime Minister, wrote in its article about the properties that were transferred to his heirs: “His five children will sell or sell them.” Divide them among themselves? Set only one condition: Villa San Martino, the scene of the “bunga bunga” parties, should remain in family hands. With a history like this, it may turn out to be more of a curse than a blessing.” It is in Arcor, after all, that the Italian politician’s latest partner, the Forza Italia MP, Marta Fassina, lives.

Villa San Martino became notorious for its “bunga bunga” parties.

New reports indicate that the luxury Sardinia beach property owned by the former Italian Prime Minister, where he vacationed with the world's most powerful leaders, has been sold for €500 million. He had bought the villa in 1998. In this villa, among others, they spent part of their summer vacation Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Russian President Vladimir Putin And Former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek.

Villa Certosa has reportedly been on the market twice before, in 2010 and 2015. But Berlusconi has always denied rumors of a possible sale. Italian media reported that Berlusconi rejected a €500 million offer in 2015 from the Saudi royal family, the second purchase attempt by the Al Saud family.

Villa Certosa

Meanwhile, before his death last year, property management fees, including the Sardinian property now being sold, rose from €21 million to €24 million, according to publicly available information. More than half of the costs were related to repairs and maintenance. The total cost of electricity in 2022 was 1.3 million euros.

An ultra-luxury villa – what's special about it

Stunning property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea Equipped with all kinds of luxuryincluding five swimming pools, a spa, tennis courts and even its own amphitheater, while also boasting a man-made lake, a full-sized football field, a golf course and a helipad.


the daily Mail In fact, it is reported that the villa fascinates every visitor with the presence of a “volcano” in its buildings, which when a switch is pressed makes an explosion-like sound and emits fake lava. “In this villa with artificial volcanoes and swimming pools, parties were organized with plenty of champagne, which continued until dawn,” the Rome newspaper wrote. Republic.

Villa Certosa - Silvio Berlusconi's palace in Sardinia - view from a drone

Who are the potential buyers?

According to the sources I quoted Financial TimesThe late leader's five sons have agreed to sell the asset, which will be marketed privately by Milan-based real estate consultant Dels. According to the Financial Times, as well Potential buyers They bring billionaires from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India and the United States.

Dils will contact potential buyers directly and there will be no public announcement about the property, sources said. The home will begin showing to interested parties in February.

Dear Villa Certosa - Agora 12/14/2023

The publication notes that the property may also be of interest to global luxury hospitality groups.

also, According to estimates in 2021, the value of the villa reached 260 million euros. And The current asking price (€500 million) is higher than the family had hoped to fetch From sale.

Topless women and former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek at Villa Certosa

In 2009, when the businessman was in his last term as Italy's leader, Villa Certosa was also in the spotlight due to a scandal.

As the Daily Mail wrote, the photos published in Spain – with legal measures taken to prevent their publication in Italy – showed not only that Naked women But also a naked man digging by the pool, later identified as former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek.

For guests for whom discretion is of utmost importance, The villa can be accessed through a secret tunnel opening from the cave. Allow visitors to disembark from their boats out of sight of photographers.

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