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The title is in the hands of Panathinaikos! – Stoiximan Premier League standings

The title is in the hands of Panathinaikos!  – Stoiximan Premier League standings

Panathinaikos drew AEK in Leovourou packed 0-0 in the 7th round of the Stoiximan Premier League Qualifiers. The hosts were passive for most of the match, an unthinkable referee’s ruling for the guests, who should have completed the match with nine men.

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Panathinaikos (Jovanovic): Brignoli, Huancar, Perez, Senkefeld, Sporar, Bernard, Cerin, Kourbelis, Magnusson, Kotsiras, and Palasios.

Eck (m. Almeida): Athanasiadis, Mokody, Johnson, Garcia, Gatsinovic, Zuber, Rota, Eliasson, Vida, Galanopoulos, Hadjisafi.

The great atmosphere created by his fans Panathinaiko In Leoforo it “froze” for a while at the beginning of the game o Cumber. in the second Swiss violent He headed inside the area after the “green” defense failed to clear the ball, and sent the ball to the post. Then I found his back Brignolirolled parallel to the line and eventually ended up in his arms Italian kipper. However, the levi At the beginning of the stage he was in an offside position.

In fact, the next stage of the derby belonged to the guests. The ball did not reach his feet until the eighth minute, after a counterattack galanopoulos of his race leviby Greek means To shoot hard and send it over the bar.

It was obvious to his players in the first ten minutes Yovanovitch They entered the match nervously, given the must-win nature of the match, as the stadium was packed.

The game then stopped for 5 minutes with Clerical Court of Appeal To get hurt and eventually change it Almeidaby Peneda To take his place, necessarily competing as a right-back.

after the temporary break, Panathinaikos He increased his performance from the 18th minute and then managed to “close” the guests in their frames (58% possession in the 26th minute), without being able, however, to reach the final.

However, despite the general dominance of the “greens” on the lawn, the Eck In the 28th minute he scored another final match with Hadjisave for shooting into traffic from outside the area, and for making a completely wrong effort after the ball had gone too far.

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his decision Almeida to line up his team in street Defensively, but with his tendency to create problems on the counter-attack, he caused trouble for the home team. A distinctive feature was the stage of the 35th minute, when – again from a counterattack – it was joins Breath reached the goal, at first with Cumber To mark the crossbar with a powerful shot and throw-in with Eliasson To the market, to accept change by Juancar In the end to save Brignoli over the line, while preventing overspeed.

The “waves” of “yellow and black” counterattacks did not stop even later, since in the 39th Eck Threaten again in the same way. this time levi He raced, moving the ball from the cross into the area, so that it ended up in Jasinowiczwho fired after repeatedly pretending to see him Brignoli To perform another life-saving right-angle operation.

Finally, sir Panathinaikos It seemed that he saved the best for last, because in the 45th minute he played the final for the first time, but did not go far from the goal. the Bernard Take the free kick from the right sporar He threw himself into the path of the ball, making a header from the height of a small area, but S Athanasiades He made a very narrow save, saving his team.

At this stage , Magnuson His hands flipped before him galanopoulos On the second beam, with He was And the verdict Soares Zeus to ignore the violation.

And so, despite having nearly 6 minutes of injury time, both teams were herded into the dressing room with no goals scored, with the score at 0-0. For his part, said Mr Panathinaikos He had a great advantage in possession of the ball (60%) and control, but he had many problems from counter-attacks Eckwhile at the same time there was the inability to create stages in front of his tyres Athanasiades.

It is worth noting that shortly before the end of the first o Mukodi toppled him sporarwho turned his face towards the hearth but S Soares Zeus She only signaled a foul, refusing to show her defender a second yellow card Eck.

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With “good morning” to the second half the time the Yovanovitch He is forced to go forward in a forced change, and passes outside of it Shereen and inside it Mancinipositioned on the axis.

On the replay, the “greens” entered the field better, somewhat limiting their aggressive orgasm Eck up to 55 minutes. then joins Came out again with prompts in the counterattack. First, in 54, Levi found him on the spot Jasinowiczhe did the parallel throw, but S.J Cumber He did not catch the ball that passed parallel to the goal while he was in the 55th minute Eliasson (even inadvertently) “smashed” the ball into unnoticed galanopoulos who almost caught the shot from a small area, but S.K Shinkifield With terrible interference, he denied the goal Greek Midfielder.

at 59 Yovanovitch I decided to go ahead with two more changes, and remove them sporar And Bernard and put them in their places Ionides And kleinheislerTrying to change his team’s image for the better.

However, things did not change much, because on 61 feet the “yellow and black” again created a hole in the “green” defense, with levi To enter the area, to shoot hard and him Juancar To put his saving foot to chase with him into the corner BrignoliHowever, to see the ball go straight over the left crossbar.

pressure it Eck It also had a sequel. In the 64th minute, after the stillness phase, the ball reached Cumber At the second post, he shot from a difficult angle, pointing out of the net, but he also won the corner.

For their part, the hosts, except for the first ten minutes the second half the timeHowever, they put on a bad competitive face, causing problems with strong and aggressive inhibitions.

From the 70th minutetrilobite»Finally managed to find a better rhythm with kleinheisler Creating a lot of problems for his opponents and winning quite a few set pieces on behalf of his team.

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Despite this, no final score from the “Greens” in replays, however Yovanovitch To go to the match too Chokai instead on the axis Palacios. yes ya Albanian middle At 75 ‘ threatened him Athanasiades With a one-piece take on the go, which went viral.

The competitive height of the home team has also been reflected in the finals created since Corbelis He tried to clear a goal-scorer from distance unmarked, however, his effort went wide in the 77th minute.

In the 81′ referee Soares Zeus He caught attention again, but for the wrong reasons. First Mukudi, while again boycott a counter-attack, did not see the second yellow card, while the “yellowish” Veda…rushed on him Chokai Out of range, knock it down Albanian Who managed to “bite off” the ball. He was And Portuguese Referee… They showed an out instead of a foul and a second yellow for Croatian stopper.

In the end, the game did not keep new stages, however Panathinaikos And Eck To come out bound without goals.

its beam Eck. the Panathinaikos He was lucky in some cases and therefore stayed in the match and in claiming victory until the end of the derby. if o Cumber Had hit the spot, then things would have been different.

His judgment is bad Portuguese Soares Zeus in street. He was never shown a second yellow card Mukodias it should, in two cases, while He was He committed … crimes when he was in the prime of his life sporar the Magnuson Overthrown in the range by galanopoulos, without giving anything. The refereeing staff did not even see his second yellow card Veda to mark on Chokai.

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