July 20, 2024

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The twin sisters discovered each other on TikTok

The twin sisters discovered each other on TikTok

The story of Amy and Anu, twin sisters from Georgia, is anything but ordinary.

Anything else, one might say. It is a story that proves that life itself “gives birth” to the most creative scenarios, but they are scenarios of absolute truth.

Immediately after their birth in 2002, the girls were taken from their natural mother And they sold it In separate families. Each of them grew up separately without any idea that they had a sister or even a twin.

When the girls were 12 years old, the amazing thing happened: Amy was watching Georgia's Got Talent on TV.

Suddenly she saw a girl dancing and she looked strangely like her. At that time the phone calls started at home: But why is Amy dancing under a different name in the game? The stepmother overcame her daughter's questions by telling her that everyone in the world has someone who is very similar to them.

Much later, 7 years later, 19-year-old Amy posted a video on TikTok. She had blue hair and was getting her eyebrows pierced in the video. This video also reached Anu's mobile phone through the platform. The rest is easy to imagine.

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The two girls were linked through their sister, who lives with their natural mother in Germany! It was officially revealed to them (through a DNA test) that they are sisters and since then they have been living with a dream

To find out exactly what happened the day they were born and instead of growing up together they separated. However, many similar incidents have been recorded in Georgia.