June 23, 2024

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The unknown trick – for just 1 euro you can make your car's windshield look like new

The unknown trick – for just 1 euro you can make your car's windshield look like new

With two very low-cost fluids, the driver can be freed from a particularly annoying situation that obstructs his vision.

the springIn addition to the beautiful colors in the sky and the high temperature, it also distinguished its appearance Insects Which – among other things – we also meet during our journey.

In fact, more often than not, an encounter with these little creatures isn't just fun, since they actually happen decal On car windshields, which is damned for them.

But the ignominious end of the insects in Side of cars It also affects him negatively δηγόand A His vision decreasesAt the same time, these spots also distract him.

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Most drivers reflexively see the suicidal action of insects on their windshields Operate the windshield wipers, water pouring. Quickly, of course, they realize that windshield wipers work It makes it worse Further reducing driver visibility.

However, what windshield wiper fluid can't do, it can do and complete with disastrous failure A mixture of two liquids located in Every house. It's about to vinegar And water.

Windshield cleaning

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In particular, vinegar – regardless of its type – helps with this Dissolves residue thanks to its acidic natureWhile the second acts only as a thinning agent.

The procedure is as follows. Fill a spray bottle with it vinegar And water in Ratio 1 to 4 Then shake the bottle well Windshield spray. After letting the liquid sit for a few seconds, take a soft cloth or sponge Gently scrub the windshield, Debris removal.

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After removing bugs from your windshield, always remember to clean it Clean water or a special cleaner for glass surfacesTo remove any vinegar residue that can give off an unpleasant odor and hinder our vision on the road when the sun hits us.

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