April 24, 2024

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The Witch upcoming episodes: 64, 65

The Witch upcoming episodes: 64, 65

Witch upcoming episodes: 64, 65. What we will see in the upcoming episodes of the ANT1 series. Developments in Daddy-cool.gr.What we will see in the next episodes of the series from 3/11/2023 to 3/12/2023.

are you ready???

The Witch upcoming episodes: 64, 65

Upcoming episodes: Episode 64 on 3/11/2024

Episode 64


Andrei and Paco take refuge in the Dragoman Tower while Theophano confesses to Phrixus her fears for Damiani and her involvement in the infant's murder.

The Witch: Gerakina helps Skivo and Michel escape with the children

The Witch: Marcus fears for his child's life

The two will try to untangle and find the answer to all these questions that have remained unanswered for so long.

The developments that would follow would bring the two powerful families face to face once again, and this time in the Jirakarid Tower, the beginning of the end for the two eternal enemies of Mani would be written.

Witch: Renew freezes when she sees Damiani killing Anastasia

Witch: Michael and Marcus are fighting for their lives

The Witch: Theofano joins the puzzle pieces

Janis decides it's time to confront his people head-on. His appearance before Marcus and Michael and his confession that he found refuge in Gerakarid will cause an earthquake and discoveries that will shock both families.

At the same time, Theophano is certain that Damiani was the one who gave the order to Polixene to kill the child and is considering her next move.

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The Witch: Marcus mourns the loss of his mother and vows revenge

The Witch: Theophano devises her own plan

The Witch: Cypriani is also revealed to be an evil witch in front of Theofano

On the other hand, Andrei gathers the men and sets out for the Lascarai Tower to claim his position, although what he wants most is to find Theophanu.

But there is also someone else who has his sights set on leading the Lascarai, and that is, of course, Tzannis. In order to achieve this, he allies himself with Gerakaris, while standing by his side is Damiani, who has always wanted to see her son as a leader.

The Witch: Tzannes and Andre cause the Laskarians to be thrown into the air

The Witch: Andre gathers the men and sets out for the big attack

Witch: Theophano shakes Damiani

Now he had one more serious reason to hurry. She feels her end is approaching and looks forward to being caught somewhere. The battle will be fierce and the Laskarian Tower will be stained with blood.

Anastasia realizes that Damiani is helping Tzannie and tries to warn her son and Michael. However, Damiani catches up with her and stabs her. Only Renew sees her.

Upcoming episodes: Episode 65 on 3/12/2024

Episode 65


In the midst of all this turmoil, Michel will try to escape from the tower of Skivo and her children. Their goal is to live together happily, away from all this hatred that has instilled in the hearts of both families.

But he knows that the danger is great, and if it is discovered, the price will be high. Tzannes and his new ally, Sebellius, make the big change. The Falcons have become dominant and this is the new captain. From his series.

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The Witch: Andre's new hideout

The Witch: Marcus fears for his child's life

The Witch: You get her out of the way in the most horrific way

With their dignity lost, Michael and Marco try to understand exactly what happened. At the same time, they face another great danger. They fall into an ambush and fight a real battle to save themselves.

Meanwhile, Theophano tries to escape from Cypriani's wrath, but the situation seems out of control. The gypsy prophecy comes to mind.”Neither you nor the child you are carrying will survive. But you have one chance.

The Witch: One-Way Ending

The Witch: Marcus mourns the loss of his mother and vows revenge

The Witch upcoming episodes: 62, 63

None of this will happen if you fight evil. Uproot it and don't let it fester. Use your giftThat same night the fuse that would blow everything up was lit.

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