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Olive Land spoiler: When will we see Alexis kill Myrtali?

Olive Land spoiler: When will we see Alexis kill Myrtali?

The murder of Myrtalis opened Aiolos’ bag of Alexis’ fate in the Mega series “Land of the Olives”.

The most dramatic development in the history of his great production mega “the land of olives” Coming in the next episodes. Alexis, in a moment of madness, kills Myrtali.

What are we going to see From Sunday 14 to Friday 19 May:

Episode 171 (Sunday May 14 at 10:10 PM)

Antigone’s departure to London cost Isidorus dearly, and Manus and Marina do everything they can to make him happy. Ismeni confesses to Lykourgos that she intends to buy 80% of Myrtali’s company with a loan and swears to him not to say anything out of line until Myrtali gives her the go-ahead. However, Lycurgus believed that Constantine would be angry that he did not ask him to support her financially. At the same time, Alexis pressures Myrtali to invest in the restaurant they plan to open, but she tells him she still doesn’t have money, causing him to become angry. Areti presents her plan aiming to exterminate Haido and disrupt the Stefanians’ peace, and Vasiliki falls into her trap. Potis also sets up a scheme for Anna, with the girl he is supposedly courting from Sparta, to make her jealous. But Anna doesn’t seem interested. Eva feels the unbearable pressure of accumulated debts and is ready to make a big decision.

Episode 172 (Monday, May 15th) Day 21: 00)

Eva is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and Christos, for the first time, seems tired of this situation. Ismeni talks to Konstantinos about the investment he made and his reaction is not positive. Antonia and Alcmene quarrel. Vasiliki asks Areti not to make suggestions on raising the child. Potis meets the girl who will play the role of his partner and a little later introduces her to Anna. Apostolis tends to faint and Aphrodite, the new country physician, rushes to the olive press. Eva decides to accept the job offer in Dubai. Myrtali, horrified, reveals to Margarita that Alexis is very jealous and wants to hurt Theodora.

Episode 173 (Tuesday, May 16 Day 21: 00)

Alexis sees Myrtali’s car parked outside Margarita’s house and becomes angry. Wanting to get to know “Danae”, Bottis’ “mate” better, Anna asks her some questions. In her attempt to answer, the girl makes frequent blunders, leading Anna to conclude that she is stupid. Eva decides to leave for Dubai and arranges the details of her move, but she avoids telling Christos until now. Areti goes to the coffee shop, meets Stathis and Eva who met there by chance, and of course does not miss the chance to curse them. Manos has a final conversation with Myrtali and tries to convince her not to leave. Constantine forbids Ismene to invite Demosthenes and Aspasia to dinner, causing her to wonder. Margarita confesses to Athena that she has made the decision to order the prosecutor to order Alexis to be committed to a mental institution.

Episode 174 (Thursday, May 18) Day 21: 00)

Demosthenes and Aspasia accepted Ismene’s invitation and went to dine at her house. Constantine is ready to explode because this meeting is the last thing he wants. Lycurgus and Haido are also present at this meal, and the evening flows in an unbearably tense atmosphere. Myrtali says goodbye to Isidorus, Marina, Manos and Iulia, and is ready to leave for Switzerland. Everyone is upset, while she herself is horrified by Alexis’ violent behaviour. Areeti meets Almamen and Antonia in the street, and attacks them again, but this time Antonia hits her back. Alexis locks Theodora up and puts her in his car, while Margarita enlists Lycurgos’ help in order to lock Alexis in a mental institution.

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Episode 175 (Friday, May 19th) Day 21: 40)

Margarita and Athena realize Theodora is still in Alexis’ sight, so they decide to stay at Athena’s house until the order to send him to a mental hospital can go ahead. Potis and Anna organize another evening of music. This time, Lykourgos also gives the “present” as an honorable person. At the same time, Alexis finds out that Myrtali is leaving for Switzerland and completely losing his mind. Manos and Marina prepare to take her to the airport, while Alexis lurks to stop her. Christos sees the rented house outside of Eva’s house, and so she is forced to confess to him her decision to move to Dubai. Alexis bursts into the house, surprising Myrtali, who is in the bag and ready to leave. At first, he asks her to stay, but she is adamant. His mind becomes cloudy and he treats her violently. Myrtali tries to fight back and escape from his hands. However, Alexis does not wish to lose her and kills her with complete irrationality.