June 16, 2024

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“Edo Athens” was a piece we owed to our city

“Edo Athens” was a piece we owed to our city

Occasions Their concert is tomorrow at the Frachon Theater, Stichima’s mail has been full of questions and concerns for years (mine). With their souls in their mouths, running around somewhere between training and real life, they did me the favor of answering almost all of them. From what “Bastille” means to them, to what exactly happened the day they found themselves in front of an investigator regarding one of their songs.

Big band, doesn’t talk much, and their priority is setting the stage on fire. Just like it will happen tomorrow.

It’s been eleven years since I released “Violence.” Has your view of “armed terrorism”, “plastic explosives, battery”, etc., changed at all in response today? On the other hand, imagine that you still view unemployment or the education system as violence. That nothing changed there.
Every existing power also ensures its continued existence through violence. Regimes, oligarchies and tyrants can in some cases be stopped, but in no case can they be removed by any means other than force. “Where he longs for freedom, he takes up a sword,” K. wrote. Farnalis in one of his verses.

Also, Marina, what track does this wonderful piece in the intro belong to?
The sample violence comes from Buddy Guy. One of the best guitarists ever and certainly the best alive.