April 19, 2024

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When I said I was going to GNTM she said “You're short, fat, blue haired, we'll hold on.”

When I said I was going to GNTM she said “You're short, fat, blue haired, we'll hold on.”

the Katerina Pevtetsi She gave an interview and talked, among other things, about her mother's reaction when she announced to her that she would participate in GNTM.

The plus-size model spoke to the Breakfast SooSoo camera and initially said: “My mother was not one of the reasons I wanted to go to GNTM, but 1000.”

Then add: “When I said I was going to go on a reality TV show, he freaked out. He was like 'Where are you going?' You’re short, blue-haired and fat and we’ll be resilient.’ But I proved it to myself, but also to my mother, who was ‘well done’ and ‘we’re with you’.

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Regarding the comment made by Giorgos Liagas about her and her weight, he said: “Years later, I have nothing to say about that comment. He himself has changed since then and his ideals are no longer the same as they were then. We also see on television that it is changing a little.”
Finally, complete“I don’t know if what he said expressed it at the time, but we definitely have to be careful with what we say. I would like anyone who speaks badly about a situation or makes a mistake in a situation to come out in public, lower their face, and apologize.”

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