April 13, 2024

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Noura Valsami: The actress is in a bad financial situation

Noura Valsami: The actress is in a bad financial situation
Thanks to the help of a well-known film production company, Nora Valsami was able to save her house from auction.

However, as she herself pointed out on the “Iftar” program, she provides for her basic needs, with her monthly income reaching 500 euros. The artist strongly revealed the conditions she has been living in in recent years, stressing that the pension she receives is not even enough to buy water.

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Regarding her home in Ravenna, which she was able to keep after the help she received, Noura Valsami said: “The issue was settled at my house auction. We saved the house, thank God. It's a big movie company. They saved me, took my house, thank God. They begged me not to tell anywhere. The house is mine, it's over. It just needs to be fixed on the inside.” “Let me see what I'll do, because he needs work inside the house. Where will I find people? I didn't expect that. It's something from God. It's as if God took Henry from me to help me, and I don't know how to explain it.”

Regarding her financial situation, the actress said enthusiastically: “Shh…I live, I have no money, I get a pension of 500 euros, nothing, not even enough to buy water and coffee, what a shame.”.

“I owe 18,000 euros, and they will take my house,” he said.

A few months ago, the actress spoke again about her house, confirming that she owed 18 thousand euros and was at risk of losing it. More specifically, he said In the magazine “Kidha” that: “This matter has not been resolved. They are ready to take my house. So I told them, and I said 'Take her, take me too, I don't care at all.' They told me to go to the public prosecutor, to do some action, something like that. I don't care though, “Let them have it. It was the only house I had. They're taking it from me, because we owe 18,000 euros. But where can I find this money now?”

In the same interview, Noura Valsami spoke about the pain that the loss of her husband caused her. “My situation is tragic, I can't say anything more than that. It's something I haven't overcome and I don't think I will be able to overcome it either. Especially now, with the holidays coming up, I'm in a slump. I'm in bad shape, but I'm trying as hard as I can.” “For my child to be more cheerful and strong and not have so much distress. I'm trying to be okay, as is my son who writes electronic music.” The actress said.

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