April 13, 2024

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Survivor: Nikos Janos left – Olga Belyaki is also out of the game – Red Team 'determined'

Survivor: Nikos Janos left – Olga Belyaki is also out of the game – Red Team 'determined'

Survivor: Another departure was witnessed on Wednesday night by viewers of the survival show.

In Wednesday's episode, players from both teams competed for the second communication award for the game this year

The two teams dueled, and the “red” team emerged victorious.

So the Reds saw viewer messages sent to X. Watch the video of the communication award won by the Reds.

Olga Belyaki left

An unexpected development in the game. Shortly before the exit match, Giorgos Llanos made an announcement that shocked the players.

«But let me also mention Olga Belyaki, who, as you well know, has been in the clinic for the past few days. He's in the clinic tonight due to a medical issue that has kept her out of competition these days, and after examining the doctors, it was wise for Olga not to continue on Survivor.said the Survivor host.

«So Olga Belyaki is out of the game as of this eveningGiorgos Llanos added, with both teams not hiding their disappointment at this development.

Nikos Janos is out of the game

The four candidates then competed to remain on the reality show to survive.

The duel took place between three players from the red team and one player from the blue team. The candidates were Nikos Janos, Alexis Pappas, Stamatis Taladianos and Thodoris Turkogorgos.

Nikos Janos and Thodoris Torkogeorgos were the last two players to fight to survive on the island.

In the end, the player who did not reach the battlefield and left was Nikos Janos.

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«Why are you crying, my dear?said Nikos Janos, immediately after the end of the match, addressing his dear friend Maria Antona, who could not hide her emotional charge and burst into tears.

«I wasn't on target today. But I've really enjoyed the whole experience since the beginning of my time here and I think I've made really strong friendships here. It was a very nice experience, I had a great time and I will leave with my head held high and happy“The singer confirmed, among other things, shortly before his departure from the game.