April 13, 2024

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Survivor 2/21: Final spoilers for the Communications Award live stream

Survivor 2/21: Final spoilers for the Communications Award live stream

Survivor 21/2: Which team will win and take home the Communication Award? All the answers are inside.

Al-Naji 21/2: His seventh week Survivor The year 2024 is coming to a close, with the important Communication Award giving players psychology before continuing.

Show the reality of his survival Skye She is fighting her own battle in TV viewership this year, wanting to establish herself at the top despite significant competition.

Another strong episode to come, it shows Trailer for the new episode.

The arrivals to Santo Domingo won't stop anytime soon We will have five new players entering. Of course, I already told you that entered by players.

Last week, it was the Reds who won the Communication Award, which also gave us an award An epic moment starring Stelios Hadambakis and Olga Belyaki. The Blues want to win this important award for the first time.

I've already given you the final spoiler about it Which team wins the communication award?.

Of course, the spoilers don't stop there. I already told you Who is the big favorite to leave.

Al-Naji 21/2: Live the honorable life

The most annoying live stream returns updated with commentary and videos from the battlefields and of course the hilarious comments from Twitter.

You, all you have to do is sit comfortably on the couch, relax, take all the accompaniments (chips, popcorn, chocolate, beer) with you and watch Survivor together on your TV and smartphone. Of course, waiting for more Survivor spoiler.

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Besides, you know we are the best company! Wait for Giorgaras Lianos to blow the whistle and enjoy the rides.

The group started

Daniel (red) VS Stamatis (blue)

1-0! Daniel opens the scoring for the Reds

Illini (red) VS Ioana (blue)

2-0! The Reds came out strong today

Thodoris (red) vs. Giannis (blue)

2-1! The first point for the Blues, Berpataris reduces in front of the candidate Theodoris

Katerina (red) vs. Stavroula (blue)

3-1! Great battle with Dallaka the winner this time

Janos (Reds) vs. James (Blues)

3-2! James has already found his groove, treating Jano to…coffee

Silver (red) vs Marelina (blue)

4-2! Relax, Asimina, she cleaned it up easily

Savas (Reds) vs. Gulekas (Blues)

4-3! What was the Mago doing there? He charms everyone