May 16, 2022

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They are the paradoxical position of the United States in Ukraine – News from Radio Florida, Florida and Current Affairs

USA, March 27.- President Joe Biden was embroiled in a war of his own contradictions and informationAccording to, war with Russia is inevitable.

According to Finan Cunningham, an award-winning journalist who has worked for other publications such as The Mirror, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and the British Independent.

In a statement “The Pentagon is targeting Russian generalsIs the US at war with Russia in everything other than name? The spokesman analyzes US involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, where the Pentagon provides information that could expose Ukrainians to dangerously targeting Russian troops.

If this is confirmed, Cunningham will have to wait and see. “The Americans are at war with Russia, and its effects are devastating to both nuclear powers. “He insisted.

One week ago, Ronald Moultry, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Defense, was pleased to acknowledge the facts in the US Senate. “We create change through accurate, actionable and timely information,” he said.

Although some lawmakers like Adam Smith, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Try to minimize the fact that such intelligence sharing implies direct US involvement in the conflict.The analyst pointed out.

He noted that one potential area for the Pentagon to “make a difference” was the number of Russian senior officers killed on the battlefield. Following the Russian intervention in Ukraine on February 24, the Western media reported that up to six top officials had been killed.

Lieutenant General Andrei Mortvich, one of the latest Russian commanders to be killed in the war by Western media reports, was shot dead by gunmen at an airport near Gershon over the weekend.

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Cunningham noted This apparent performance of the kyiv regime’s forces may be due to the Pentagon’s intelligence services They can find Russian generals.

If so, he stressed, it would take US involvement in the Ukraine war to a whole new and dangerous level.

In another part of his statement, the journalist pointed out that Washington had unleashed.He could not control a propaganda monster”.

“Biden is under a lot of pressure As a matter of moral compulsion, Ukraine needs more troops. “

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat America’s state of affairs.

If it changes The Pentagon is really helping the Ukrainian fighters – neo-Nazi Azov regiments, no less – the worst result was that we reached a point where we could not return to massacre Russian top generals, Cunningham argued.

(With information from Cubpat / Fransa Latina)