April 24, 2024

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This is his next career step

This is his next career step

Actor Vassilis Besbekis, who recently had a serious adventure with his health, is preparing to make a strong and effective return to the big screen.

Ha Nadias rigatos

BAceles bispeakes He will star in the new film by the great contemporary director Yannis Economides.

This won't be the first time they've worked together.

The two experienced professional chemistry in the film.”Holly heart song“, the most talked about movie Yannis Economides They are about to meet again at the movie studios Beginning of April.

Yiannis Oikonomides is preparing for his new film, “Broken Vein,” which begins filming next month.

Vassilis Besbekis will have a lead role and will play the father of actor Yannis Nearos.

Ioana Kouliopoulou will star in the film and will play the role of Yannis Niaros' wife.

Yannis Niaros and Ionana Kouliopoulos I worked with him Yannis Economides In the past, he even played the lead role in the first play of the great director in ““Sleep Stella” Which was described as one of the most successful shows in recent years on the national stage.

In fact, Ioana Kouliopoulou won the Melina Mercouri Theater Award that year for her performance in the show.

for”Broken vein» No other information about the cast has been leaked yet.

The only thing for sure is his audience Yannis Economides He's waiting for it in cinemas anyway.