May 22, 2024

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Transfer of Police Officers B and A and Police Officers B: what Theophilos Papadakis points out on

Transfer of Police Officers B and A and Police Officers B: what Theophilos Papadakis points out on readers asked us the following question:

When does the Supreme Council of Transitions meet regarding the positions of junior officers – regular transfers 2024?

Read also raised this issue with a Greek police unionist Mr. Theophilo Papadakiswho pointed out the following:

The Supreme Council on Transfers will meet at the Hellenic Police Headquarters in a few days, after approving the annual sentencing schedules for officers at police rank Sub-B and will issue the relevant transfer schedule by transfer area (GAD Attica, GAD Thessaloniki and District Police Directorate) with positions of deputy officers. Police B' and A' (uniform) and Police Officers B'.

Note that the above procedure only relates to SAEA and TEMA General Duty Officers. While transfers are made by area of ​​transfer for officers from the rank of Deputy Constable B 'to Constable B', it should be noted that they are carried out with a system of objective criteria in points!

I attach to you the relevant provision of paragraph 2 of Article 16 of the General Law. 100/2003:

The transfers of Constable B, Constable A and Constable B are carried out as follows:

a. Within 10 days of the approval of the annual evaluation schedules for Deputy Police Officers B, the competent Transport Board, assessing the needs of the service, shall draw up digital schedules, in accordance with the General Directorate of Police of Attica and Thessaloniki, the Police Directorate and other autonomous services based in their area but Not included in this ΄, are the vacancies according to the grade of organizational positions that must be filled during regular annual movements.

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B. The above tables are immediately sent to the Services and all those responsible for this material are informed in writing. Those wishing to move to these positions must submit applications within 10 days to obtain the services of a maximum of two (2) relocation areas. Exceptionally, Police A Officers may also submit applications for positions advertised for Police B Officers. The above applications are considered only if these positions are not filled by officers of the specified rank. At the same time, requests for services from the same transportation area are also being placed.”

I wish success to all colleagues and hope that a sufficient and large number of positions will be created for all regions of Greece, in order to cover the empty organizational positions as much as possible!

Theophilos Papadakis
Policeman B',
Hellenic Police Federation