May 18, 2024

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This is how AI would imagine social media if they were regular people

This is how AI would imagine social media if they were regular people

Its continuous development artificial intelligence Last year it also led to wider use and consumption of what it has to offer. Particularly popular are AI creations that can always “draw” the craziest imaginary scenarios, through user commands, as we have seen several times recently with posts created diffuse In social networks.

In the latest viral post containing AI content is his own 9GAGwhere the well-known platform for Memes I did an interesting experiment. So ask her This is what all social media platforms would look like if there was a man next door And he answered it in an imaginative way.

He took the characteristics of each platform as commands and translated them into human characteristics. This is the situation X (formerly Twitter) will be one Young protesterthe Instagram a Graceful blonde girl Who looks at her mobile phone, and Facebook A 40-year-old man takes selfies on vacation And many more stereotypical settings one might say. In total, he took 10 social media photos, with many users noting in the comments that he skipped them Seditionthe OnlyFans And Chinese Weiboalthough 9GAG made fun of himself as you’ll see below.

Check social media if it is human-made by AI:


X (formerly Twitter)






snap chat



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