April 18, 2024

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This is the face of Jack the Ripper – an artificial intelligence “portrait” of the notorious killer

This is the face of Jack the Ripper – an artificial intelligence “portrait” of the notorious killer

They were recently released Photography by Jack the Ripper Created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) She reveals that the notorious 19th century prostitute killer was a gentleman with… A magical and mysterious wild energy.

These dangerously dreamy images come from Jeff Leahy, a longtime Ripper fan from Carmarthen, Wales, who produced a miniseries about the killer and has spent decades studying the lore surrounding one of history's most iconic villains.

Using the Midjourney software, along with available information and photos of relatives of prime suspect Aaron Kosminski, Leahy was able to create a rather impressive portrait of the man.

“It's amazing that we finally have a photo of him. I'm blown away by how much I like the photo,” Leahy told SWNS.

Kosminski was a Polish-born barber who worked in Whitechapel, the East End area of ​​London where the murders occurred in the late 19th century.

Kozminski has been named by many experts as the serial killer, but no one has been able to prove his guilt.

“There was never a photo of him, and this is the best we've ever had,” Leahy said.

Source (text and photos): New York Post

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