December 6, 2023

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This is the profession in demand in Greece – hundreds of vacancies

This is the profession in demand in Greece – hundreds of vacancies

As electrification advances and electric vehicle sales increase, the need for certified professionals who specialize in installing charging infrastructure is growing.

Demand for electricity And Hybrid components Cars in Greece, where drivers put any doubts aside and gave a vote of confidence Electrified models.

Official figures showing this area indicate its ever-increasing popularity January-August 2023 the Categories Electric and hybrid cars in Our country I reached 4.188, That is, almost three times more than those recorded in the corresponding period of 2022 (1711).

Over time, electric models in particular will play an increasingly important role in the automotive world, especially when this becomes the case European Union imposed on member states Banning the sale of new cars with gasoline and diesel engines From 2035 onwards.

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However, the ever-increasing number of electric cars also requires it Having appropriate infrastructure And even one charging network Which will be sufficient to cover the energy needs of vehicles.

Let’s not forget that based on current legislation in… Electrical study for all new buildingsWiring infrastructure for electric vehicle charging points must also be included.

However, the installation of chargers, whether at home, in companies or in public places also requires The presence of qualified professionalsincluded Certified electricians Who are studying the installation of the aforementioned devices and the necessary electrical infrastructure.

For example, if a charger is installed at home, qualified electricians visit the building in question to do this Autopsy and inspection, As well as examining and measuring current adequacy.

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And he will follow him Study the installation and registration of the necessary electrical infrastructureto take turns n Preparing a detailed technical and economic proposal To install the charging station. Finally, the proposal will be delivered to the owner and the proposed solution will be presented by an engineer.

At the same time, technicians must be able to know when it is needed Additional protection. For example, if a 7 kW local charging station is installed, the owner is suggested to install the protections referred to IEC 61851-1 in the switchboard in order to protect his installation.

Electric car chargers

A typical example of this is lightning protection, but also the installation of a 40A MCB, a 40A bipolar fuse that protects the charger in the event of a short circuit.

According to his information , the Companies Those who provide charger installation services in Greece are eagerly searching authorized employees, Because the supply of these professionals in the market is much greater than the demand.

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This leads to companies expanding their network outside Greece in some cases, “Recruiting” professionals from other countries From the European Union who have experience in this field.

Given, of course, the ever-increasing number of public and home chargers and the enormous need for professionals to install these devices, it is certain that More and more young people will seize this opportunity, operates in a rapidly growing professional industry. Especially when Salaries are high.

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