June 21, 2024

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This is what mobile phones of the future will look like – Makeleio.gr

Smartphones are changing: this is what cell phones will look like in the future

If you are wondering what future mobile phones will look like and what are their unique functions, then you are on the right page…
Mobile has evolved with us and now we hold in our hands dynamic smartphones, which serve much more than just the use of speech. “Smart” mobile phones have proven to be real “allies” in everyday life, because they help us stay connected regardless of distances, we have the ability to search for information with a few clicks and they remind us of what is important to us.

As we experience leaps and bounds in technology, we can’t help but wonder what we’ll see next, i.e. what mobile phones could look like in the future. The first samples include … cell phones that fold or … stretch while there are also reports of cell phones that can be worn, charged by sun or wind, and even portable tattoos.

Cell phones without a charger in the future?

If you are among those who often forget to charge the mobile phone, then your problem will be solved in the future, because the mobile phones will not need to be charged today.

Already at Tesla, from the pioneering but controversial Elon Musk, a smartphone called “P” is being designed, which will be equipped with a battery that will be charged by solar energy.

New speeds with 6G technology

As its name suggests, 6G refers to the sixth generation of mobile connectivity. While the current 5G is not yet available in every device, the giant has already started the first tests of 6G.

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From a practical standpoint, its arrival will mean much faster internet speeds, download and upload content in seconds, better power efficiency, and even lower latency.