May 21, 2024

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“This is where the evil began”

“This is where the evil began”

Sofia Foso mentioned, among others, the separation of her daughter Erasmia Manu from Vassilis Dimakis, while speaking on the Sisis Christidou programme.

“With all my relationships, I maintain good communication, Because they respected me and I respected them, that's the main thing. Why is it difficult? Is it difficult with someone who shares your body and soul?

What's all this catinaria for? As long as you were with him he was good and you just broke up…so spoiled? Why did she give birth to him?” she said, referring to her connections with her previous relationships.

Then he explained, “I was disturbed by the 'fall' that happened to me outside the store where I was singing. Why are these 'gangsters'?” middle ages! We don't respect each other! “We said we would do our job, but there are limits.”

“I was not bothered by the media's handling of my daughter's breakup. On her birthday, Vassilis thought out of his pain that he should vent on Facebook. This is where the evil began, so to speak“, Write.

He also added:I understand Vassilis too. I want them both to be okay. Just because two people aren't together doesn't mean one is bad and the other is good.”

“They had a great love and no one can break that. They know, let's respect that!He emphasized that.

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