July 20, 2024

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“I don't want to eat firewood, I want to be happy.”

“I don't want to eat firewood, I want to be happy.”

Katerina Licho spoke about the difficulties she faced both professionally and personally.

A guest was found on 'It Doesn't Get Better' on Alpha on Saturday afternoon (02/03) Katerina Licho.

Among other things, the well-known actress spoke About her acting careerAnd the difficulties she faced, but also her plans for the coming period.

“At this time of year we talk about next winter, and that's what I do. We'll see what happens, I go by instinct and without direction, I try to find what I need. I want to rest a little bit, I'm at an age where I want to enjoy certain things. I don't want to eat firewood all the time without interruption. I want to rest a little and be happyKatrina Lesho said.

At another point in her interview, she added: “I don't often say well done to myself. Now that we've come to the end, it's even better. It's good to see a mistake but it's good not to blame yourself too much. Failure is not something that goes wrong in public.” When something doesn't encourage us, it's a failure.

For me, every step I take for a reason moves me forward. I've also had my hand in selecting some of the work I've done. “They chose me, but I chose too.”he added.

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