April 13, 2024

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She broke down in tears as she talked about the adoption and her daughter

She broke down in tears as she talked about the adoption and her daughter

H Christina Kontova He gave an interview in which he talked about the difficult process of adopting a child from Africa, and the support he received from it Johnny CalimeriBut also their separation.

Speaking on the Break program, the designer could not hold back her tears while talking about her daughter. IdaHe said: “From my first trip to Africa I felt connected. I can't describe it. In previous years I said I didn't want to have a baby and that I was fine. But my need to adopt was born there. I was like, “I want to have a baby from here.” There were a lot of moments where I was bent over and I think the hardest moments I've had to date are there. But I want to say that I never stooped to achieve my goal.”

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Then he added: “The thought never occurred to me. What business do I have here now?” But there were many times, especially toward the end of the adoption process, that I really thought I was going to jump out the window in despair. I think if I hadn't had Johnny in my life at that time it wouldn't have been the same. Actually, I never said it, but he was the person who really supported me mentally and supported me in this dream. He's probably the first person I told that this idea had been on my mind since we first met. He said to me 'let's go together and I'll be here'. Her father was there and still talks to this day.”

Kristina Kontova stated that the most difficult point was explaining to the child how she finally got divorced: “The hardest part was explaining our separation to Aida because this little baby has changed so much in a very short period of time. But I think she is used to change. This made it very difficult for us, that was our first thought. Not for us, for the baby.” .today's newsIsrael will finally change lyrics of Eurovision song about Hamas attack after… presidential intervention

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