February 6, 2023

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Title deeds from 100 euros per month and 20% of the target

With discounts of up to 80% and installments from 100 euros Each month, they will be able to definitively clarify, through legal title deeds, the property that has been “entangled” between private owners and the public claiming to be public property. Individuals who own the aforementioned real estate have the right to redemption of at least 30 or 40 years in each case. his bill Ministry of Finance It was posted for public consultation on Opengov (until February 2nd at 10 p.m.), and as follows from its provisions, applications will be able to start in the last quarter of the year.

Properties in regions, neighborhoods or villages across the country, especially in northern Greece and anywhere else refugees have settled the past hundred years (eg in Chalkdiki and Kalamaria in Thessaloniki, or in Byronas and Nea Erythraia and Vrilisia in Athens, etc.) they have no clear ownership status even today and the state Conflict with heirs or purchasers of encroached lands, even in areas where apartment buildings and entire blocks of flats have been erected and resold (such as the Nastos estate in Ilioupoli, the Veikos estate in Galatsi, etc.).

In general, the purchase price is defined as the objective value of the property after its premises. be reimbursed Either once At a 10% discount, or split up to 60 interest-free monthly installments, with a minimum amount 100 euros per month.

But if that happens The individual scores Already as an owner in the cadastre, he immediately receives a discount 50%.

Additional discounts are also provided on the purchase price:

1. Possession of more than least 30 or 40 years oldBy case: 1% reduction annually. For example, for 90 years of ownership, a 50% discount is offered, which is also the maximum price reduction, due to age. 2. If the applicant is a person with a disability of 80% or more, or if it is a person who hosts more than one (1) year or is subject to taxation by persons in the above capacity, with an annual individual income of up to 40 thousand euros or annual family income up to €60,000: 30% price reduction.

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3. For people with disabilities from 67% – 79% a 20% discount is offered. A discount is also available to anyone who hosts more than one (1) year or is taxed by persons in the above capacity, with an annual individual income of up to €18,000 or an annual family income of up to €24,000.

4. Returning expatriates registered in municipal registers or censuses or permanent residents in border areas: 20% reduction.

5. Those with many children: a reduction of 20%, provided that their annual individual income reaches 40,000 euros, or the annual family income is 80,000 euros.

6. Three children: a reduction of 15% if the annual individual income does not exceed 25,000 euros or the annual family income does not exceed 40,000.

7. Single parent families: 15% reduction

8- Long-term unemployed: 15%

9. Guaranteed Minimum Income Beneficiaries – KEA: 20% reduction

10. If a building within the property is the main and only residence of the applicant: 20% discount

If there are several deductions “for social reasons”, then only the largest deductions are counted, but in no case can the sum of various deductions (one payment, seniority, etc.) exceed 80%. In other words, at least 20% of the objective value must be paid.

Also anyway, 50% of the price charged by the public is credited to ETAD which is a subsidiary of the “Super Fund” for the use of public property.

State-owned property can be confiscated:

Owned by a private individual for at least 30 years, if there was a purchase or deeds of title and buildings prior to 1992

With possession for at least 40 years as long as there was a building (which is also the sole residence or business holding – such as a craft – of a private individual) prior to 1982.

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One will be able to get an equal piece of land (within the plan) or 10 acres of land (outside the plan). Cases are foreseen where individuals will be able to acquire larger areas (for example 20 acres or any small stock that is still untapped). However, they can also buy real estate that includes (but not more than 20% of the total area) areas classified as forest or natura, and at the same time sign a clause to protect them. If they attempt to build or trespass on such sensitive land, the acquisition will be revoked and they will be evicted from the property.

From the preamble, forests, archaeological sites, beaches and beaches or river and river areas that have fallen into the ETAD-Superfund are excluded from the regulation. Exceptions may also exist after notifying the ministerial bodies, for reasons of national or public security, etc. Notification of exceptions may last up to 6 months from the start of the law.

Appointments and penalties

In the event that the applicant pays the purchase price, within one (1) month of notification of the acceptance certificate, he/she submits proof of payment to the relevant real estate service. Within 15 days at most, the redemption decision is issued and transferred to the Mortgage Registry or Land Registry Office.

In the event that the applicant requests payment in instalments, within one (1) month of the payment of the last installment, he shall submit proof of payment to the relevant real estate service in order to receive the purchase decision within 15 days in the order. to complete the transfer

In the event of abusive construction within public property, the applicant must, within one (1) month from the notification of the acceptance certificate, submit an application for its settlement and incorporation into Law 4495/2017 (Stathakis Law).

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Especially in the case of abusive construction within public property, to issue an acquisition decision, it is required, in addition to the purchase price, to pay the fine under Law 4495/2017 and submit it to the relevant land service certificate of completion of the procedure belonging to Law 4495/2017.

In the event that the refund price is not paid in one payment or the first payment thereof, no refund decision is issued and the case is closed. When he pays the purchase price on time, he immediately submits the relevant proof of payment to the relevant real estate department for immediate information. It is also stipulated that the premiums paid shall not be returned, provided they do not exceed forty percent (40%) of the purchase price, however, at the applicant’s expense, compensation for abusive use of the public. Ownership will not be confirmed for the time period corresponding to the non-refundable amount.

If the applicant does not maintain his main and only residence or practice the activity for a period of not less than five (5) years from the issuance of the acquisition decision, the latter shall automatically terminate with all the expected consequences.

Read the full bill in the Finance Ministry’s public advisory, at opengov.gr/minfin/? p = 11631

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