May 21, 2024

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to caution! Delete these apps from your mobile phone immediately

to caution!  Delete these apps from your mobile phone immediately

If you have one of these apps, delete it immediately – it's a big risk

A number of applications can cause a lot of problems in our mobile phones.

It's not rare for security companies to warn about Android apps that pose a risk to users and their devices.

The reasons can be many, from simple theft of simple data, to interception of bank accounts.

This time, we have two lists with a total of 53 apps that use Joker spyware, Autolycos malware, Harley trojan, contain BlackRock and ERMAC viruses, and more.

It's not really important to go into detail about what each of these does. Most importantly, take a look at the list below and remove the apps that contain it immediately.

These are the applications:

-Phone Cleaner – File Explorer

-PDF Viewer – File Explorer

-PDF Reader – Viewer and Editor

-Phone Cleaner: File Explorer

-PDF Reader: File Manager

These apps were downloaded at least 150,000 to 200,000 times before they were removed from the Play Store.

Another cybersecurity company, McAfee, is urging smartphone users to delete 25 apps containing Xamalicious malware. Google has removed the apps from its online store, but they are still present in other app stores. The applications are:

– Basic Horoscopes for Android – 100,000 downloads

-3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft – 100,000 downloads

-Logo Maker Pro – 100,000 downloads

-Automatic click repeater – 10,000 downloads

– Easy calorie calculator – 10,000 downloads

-Volume Extender – 5000 downloads

-LetterLink – 1000 downloads

– Numerology: Personal horoscopes and number predictions – 1000 downloads

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-Step Keeper: Easy Pedometer – 500 downloads

-Track your sleep – 500 downloads

-Volume Booster – 100 downloads

-Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscopes and Tarot – 100 downloads

– Universal Calculator – 100 downloads

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