October 4, 2023

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To construct our identity, much can arise clonically.

To construct our identity, much can arise clonically.

Diego Martinez confirmed in his statements before Olympiacos – Panserikos (20/8, 22:00, COSMOTE SPORT 1HD, LIVE SPORT24) that a lot can happen in the last 20 transfer days.

Olympiacos receives Panserraikos (20/8, 22:00, COSMOTE SPORT 1HD, LIVE SPORT24) in Georgios Kariskakis, in a closed match in the first round of the Stoiximan Super League.

In his statements to COSMOTE TV, Diego Martínez referred to the building of his team, while stressing that a lot can happen in the final days of transfers.

Martinez’s comments in detail:

For premiere league and team goals: First of all, we are very ambitious and impatient to start the tournament. It’s good to start the league at home.

We have many goals, but the main thing is to see the team develop and give its best and never forget what our identity is, our style of football and the team we want to be. So we start with great ambitions, knowing that we have important competitors in the Greek League.”

On how he plans to manage the two games a week: The first thing we need to do is build our identity. We want a team that knows what it demands, first of all, from itself. At the same time, we want a team that will be able to adapt to the demands of each match, to the demands that each opponent puts forward.

This is why we must be a stable team in everything we do. To balance defense and offense, to be aware of what we want from our fixed phases and transitions. All this is needed in modern football and we want to be a team that plays modern football.

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First of all, we need to lay the foundation. To build our identity around whatever group we want to be. We still have coming footballers who need to get to know each other, integrate and know what we want to be. Then we have to be an effective team.

byeWe have to get used to playing two or three times a week and be able to change faces depending on the opponent. We will also need to renew our legs and our minds because the important thing is who competes to give their best. We want to be a team that uses everyone because the moment will come for everyone when they are needed and that’s why everyone has to be ready at all times.”

On when the team will approach what they have in mind: You can never tell because the timing of the players that come in is so different. The player who came a month ago is not like the one who came yesterday. Everything has its time. Everything takes time in this process. In general, I think we should have a plan of what exactly we are asking everyone to do, but how that will work cannot be determined in time.

He also doesn’t know what could happen because the market will be open for another 20 days or so and a lot could happen. So, we have to be a close team and everyone is doing their best. We are pleased to have achieved the first target for this year and now focus on the upcoming targets. We want to be competitive, organized and play good football. When we are 100% ready, it depends on the timing of arrival.

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The first thing we look at now before each game is which players are available, how many players can play for more minutes and how many for less. With this data and with the analysis of the opponent, starting with the match with Panserraikos, we will decide who can give their best”.

About the match with Panserraikos:At this moment, we need maximum concentration of all football players and better continuity in our game, which results from better passing quality.

Concentration is essential to be able to choose the right time to attack. We want to develop our game and make the most of the moments we create. We know that like all the teams we will face, Panserikos will try to make it difficult for us and will give everything.

I think speed, mentality and focus are very important. All of these are items that we will need in the game to be able to complete the chain. At the same time, we have to be smart. To be quick but not hasty in our choices. This could be a trap.

We also need speed so we can take advantage of some situations and of course be precise. I think the key word is accuracy.”

On what to expect from the three recent acquisitions: “What we ask of everyone. To put their talents at the disposal of the team. To be part of the whole, to put the team above everything else. We already see that they have all the best intentions to help. We will give them the time they need to adapt and we will help them all in the best way so that their adaptation is fast and good ” .

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