June 13, 2024

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Tom Hanks – Rita Wilson: The Karpathos Couple

Tom Hanks – Rita Wilson: The Karpathos Couple

Karpathos has been visited by Tom Hanks and the Rita Wilson on their summer vacation. The couple came to Greece a few days ago and found themselves there Reversewhere he maintains his vacation home.

However, the actors wanted to see other parts of Greece, so they went to Karpathos. Passers-by saw them strolling in the island’s harbor with their dogs.

In fact, Tom Hanks did not hesitate to take pictures with the two grandsons of Karpathos Mayor Yannis Nisrio, according to the local website karpathiakanea.gr.

According to the same information, they arrived on the island on their own boat. The famous yacht called “Margarita” was moored in the port of Pigadia.

In the evening, the couple had dinner at one of the famous restaurants on the island. A video circulating online shows the two happily enjoying dinner, oblivious to prying eyes.

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