June 13, 2024

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Too little, too late Blog – Yannis Seritis

Too little, too late Blog – Yannis Seritis

Yiannis Seretis writes about the current situation of Yiannis Alafouzou, the “lack” of players – Jovanovic in the midst of the coronavirus and the new course opened by the main shareholder of Prasini PAE.

From Sunday’s press conference for Ivan Jovanovic and his remarks today Yannis Alafouzo Anyone can imagine (no one can truly understand unless they are in the group) what happened Panathinaikos The week after the match against AEK, before the matches against PAOK (Wednesday) and especially against Olympiacos five days later.

On the other hand, the coach who, in addition to having to manage mixed feelings for himself and the team after the draw with PAOK (climax due to the draw at AEK – Olympiacos, but also “committed suicide” with four terrible chances against the biceps), to deal with the Covid load that each carries of sick players. And organizing “different” exercises according to exam results.

On the other hand, the players are completely confused about what program to carry out each day – always as dictated by the medical team – but quite clear about “we want to play soon”. A few were ‘charged’, most were fine, but the doctors were very careful and covid is sneaky – ask people who have lost loved ones in the ‘good seats’.

And what about management? The administration had initially received assurances from the association that the match would take place on Tuesday or Wednesday. He made the request for an adjournment and didn’t “raise” the matter more communicatively, not even when the answer was finally “Monday”. For Jovanovic and the team, “Sunday-Wednesday” will not make a difference but only “Sunday-Sunday”. Is it right or wrong that the management went with the coach and the players? It’s hard to answer.

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The ideal would be “Yes, coach, we’ll play on Monday, we won’t push any further, but we’ll do everything ‘oops'”. Would Panathinaikos have benefited from football if what the Avouzos said today, Saturday? Probably not. Would it be useful communication? Probably not: most people will speak of “crying” (not “Martha”, as some used to call the AEK), others of “alothy” and surely there will be those who simply will not believe these cases. That is, fools and parrots. They always exist and live among us, There is no other way.

Let’s go further: did Yannis of Avouzos gain anything with his words today? nothing at all. Although he called names and it worked fine for his part. However, he did not say what Melisanides did. What did Bennett do? What did he do with the tacos? What the government did not do. What Marinakis did (didn’t do) as president of the Super League. What (will, and … if) he does himself. The seriousness of each complaint depends to a large extent on the evidence presented, the details provided to the public or the relevant authorities, and their frequency. Ofouzos had great assets today that he left untapped. First: that he was giving an interview statement in a “safe” environment, namely his own radio station. Second: that he did not speak publicly on matters relating to football, except when opening the business at Botanic with strong criticisms against the government. Therefore, the legend of the wolf with sheep was dismissed from the minds of the public, which cost Olympiacos dearly this year as it yelled at offside offenses, with the result that its protests finally did not have much weight when David Massa was “slaughtered”. with AEK.

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What he said today and much more had to be said by the main shareholder of PAE this weekend before the match with Olympiacos. Yes, he did the will of the players and Jovanovic. Now … too little, too late, as they say in our villages. What he said was insufficient and late. But surely a new cycle is now opening in terms of the “positioning” of afuzos on the chessboard. Because we remind you that the tenure of Bennett Baltaco and Vangelis Marinakis in the Super League ends in the summer of 2024. So let’s see. Now we have… an election!

PS: It would be a mistake for Panathinaikos to take Zika up for promotion at the age of 35 after two cross surgeries. Considering him ‘completed’ on a very low contract if he does well and seeing how he starts the season seems to be acceptable.

Note 1: If it is true that the initial plan in the Jovanović-Alavuzu discussion involves two midfielders (“six” and 8-10”) and a stopper to play in the second qualifying round of the Champions League then “watch and do” is OK. He would be perfect as a first-choice and with a right-back if a better Kutsera is found soon.