June 23, 2024

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Toyota Celica is back and it will not be electric!

Toyota Celica is back and it will not be electric!

The truth is that it is only for the “equally stable” Mark 2, Such rumors have evolved, and are sometimes the product of wishful thinking or unsubstantiated writing.

Yes Toyota Celica It’s a legend, beyond the limits of the Japanese automobile industry, and with every spark lit, it’s ready…to set the entire plain on fire!

Dear Mr. President, Hello Toyota, He never hid his desire to see her again – under her care Gazoo Racing – Ha Silica To come out wild, just as he didn’t mince his words regarding the company’s strategy Electrical movement.

H Toyota Not only is it in no hurry, it is developing new products – smaller, but more efficient and more “friendly” to the environment, Heat engineswho can work with pioneers Hybrid systems.

The latest information, therefore, is from the meeting he also attended Mazda With the subaru, State that future silica, with A 2-liter turbo engine with close to 400 horsepower and permanent all-wheel drive (AWD), It will be of great importance to the automotive industry.

As it seems, first of all, it will be more interesting for fans of the model and for her Toyota.

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