July 23, 2024

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What market turmoil does the upcoming sale bring?

What market turmoil does the upcoming sale bring?

The imminent sale of the Kotsovolos chain by the English parent company Currys is expected to cause turmoil in the electrical and electronic goods market, industry insiders categorically confirm, saying that… It will be a completely different market. Sector analysts are moving on the same wavelength, pointing out this Kotsovolos’ leading share in all product categories in which it operates highest probability To distribute it to the rest of the organized chains and to the companies under the umbrella of cooperatives in the sector, Unless of course there is an investor with a clear strategy and goal.

In short, Koutsovolos’ share of black technology goods and hardware may be channeled to the rest of the major IT chains. In allocating the share of white machines, cooperatives can show a strong movement with successful results, especially in the Greek region.

The end of October is the deadline set by Carey

but, Everything will be decided by the investor who will prevail in the sale of Kotsovolos. According to the latest information, Karis is pushing towards completing the deal with a time horizon for its success at the end of October, and is always subject to submitting a high offer based on the goal of the English father. Which far exceeds 200 million euros.

Potential investors are currently in the second stage of financial briefing and the ground is being prepared for final offers.


With regard to potential stakeholders, the information changes what has been known until now. especially Possibility of lower interest on funds, Although nothing should be ruled out until the last minute.

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It also seems that a Romanian chain of electrical and electronic goods with a purely online activity looking for an outlet in a physical network in a familiar market such as the Greek market, as well as a Bulgarian company, have sat at the interested table. of electrical and electronic goods owned by an entrepreneur with experience in retail trade but also in the peculiarities of the Bulgarian market and economy.

However, according to the information, these two concerned parties It appears that they have not completed the second stage and therefore may not be able to move on to the next stage of submitting the final offer. So on the business battlefield The task group will remain Which officially declared its interest in Koutsouvolos and initiated the necessary actions, including the creation of a new retail-oriented company that ratifies a business plan and structured strategy to also expand in this sector through the Koutsouvolos network, is of course sufficient to accept his financial offer from Kari.

The benefit of purchasing power

Other Greek interest But this has not been officially confirmed, The information suggests that it comes from PPC, which has the funds to meet the financial requirements of Currys and is ready to make a strong splash in retail with a wide spread of its presence in the region through the Kotsovolos network, but the development strategy is a matter of a specific project with time and experience. To avoid any kind of bad situation and difficult economic environment.

This is because, as industry analysts point out, the market trajectory so far is positive compared to last year, however Course grading in the second semester and the upcoming fiscal year has many asterisks and delimiters.

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Negative messages are already coming with regard to the consumer confidence index, inflationary pressures remain, discount coupons are being canceled and the purchasing power of families is directed to cover immediate needs and basic purchases. Therefore, experts say, the year will generally end on the upside for the electricity and electronics sector but The B half is likely to show a negative sign in both units and values, which is a worrying fact.