April 18, 2024

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Traffic on the streets: traffic jams again in Kibisos

Traffic on the streets: traffic jams again in Kibisos

He faces huge problems Gifisos On Tuesday morning, at the height of Peristeri, mainly on the rise but also on the descent.

Traffic congestion Kifisias – The Mesogean is at the height of Salandario and Neo Psychikos respectively.

Watch live traffic on the streets

Movement Ilioupoli cemetery and Kareas elevation hike presents Katehaki.

By clicking, see the traffic map of the traffic Here.

Traffic in Attica Odos is very heavy, causing delays of more than 20 minutes on the way to the airport.


Drivers are experiencing delays on roads around the port of Piraeus, while cars on their way to Piraeus are moving along Poseidon Avenue.


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