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Severe weather wave – Meteo: Category 4 rain warning

Severe weather wave – Meteo: Category 4 rain warning

A deep depression from NW Europe will move rapidly southeast towards the Adriatic Sea Bad weather wave In our country today Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th November 2023, stormy winds, rain and locally severe storms. Mainly on Tuesday 28th November.

In particular, according to the available forecast data of meteo.gr/National Observatory of Athens, today, Tuesday 28/11, rain and local storms are predicted for most of the country. Rain and storms will be intense in many places and significant rainfall is expected mainly in the western mainland, western and southern Peloponnese, Epirus, Ionian and eastern Aegean islands and Thrace.

On Wednesday 29/11 events will be gradually limited to the eastern Aegean, where afternoon rain and locally strong storms are expected, while local rain is expected in the southern and western Peloponnese, Western Continent, Epirus, Cyclades and early morning. Morning in the Eastern Continent and Southern Evia.

The following Diagram 1Estimated rainfall totals are provided from Tuesday morning 28/11 to Wednesday evening 29/11/2023.

Severe weather wave - Meteo: Category 4 rain warning

According to Classification of Rainfall Episode (Regional Rainfall Index)It is implemented by the Meteo Unit of the National Observatory of Athens, The rainfall episode for Tuesday 28/11, the most intense events are expected, is classified as category 4 (very important)..

At the same time, on Tuesday 28/11 A significant strengthening of south-southwesterly winds with an intensity of 8 Beaufort is expected in the Aegean region.. 29/11/2023 Winds are expected to gradually weaken from early morning on Wednesday. The following Diagram 2Maximum wind intensity and direction for Tuesday 28/11 are shown.

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