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Two payments are guaranteed with the application

Two payments are guaranteed with the application

Allowance 479 euro for four months Provided to beneficiaries.

This benefit is given like most Double.

With his order, the beneficiary guarantees payment Two (2) first From his monthly allowance without taking any other action.

The total amount paid is up to 1916 eurosthat it 4 months x 479 euros.

the “private” Custom Skinners, who do difficult work, receive unemployment benefits.


Special unemployment allowance is granted if applicants:

  1. To have the status of a “slaughterhouse worker” to skin animals and birds and other work to prepare meat consumed from animals slaughtered in the slaughterhouses of the entire country at the time of support.
  2. Have served between one hundred (100) and two hundred forty (240) actual days of insurance as workers with contributions to the unemployment branch of DYPA during the calendar year prior to the benefit (critical period).
  3. For private support, it does not matter if the employee is working at the time of benefit and, therefore, an unemployment certificate is not required.

Registration deadline

  1. Applications are submitted between 1 March and 31 May each year to the DYPA KPA2 service for the place of residence of the interested parties.

Application process

When submitting the application, the insured shall do the following:

  1. He is informed of the terms of support and the purpose of processing his personal data
  2. If he has protected members in his family, he is granted an annex 10%
  3. The bank account in which he is the primary beneficiary, where his interest will be deposited
    Provide specific supporting documents
  4. Upon final submission of the application, the insured will receive a copy of it.


After submitting the application, it will be processed by the service and included in the special support based on the following information:

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1. Insurance book (date) for the previous year

2. A relevant certificate from the competent association that mediates the insurance from which the Skinner status is derived

3. Deposit account number (IVAN), in which the insured is the first beneficiary

4. Details of self-employment (commercial activity)

5. The indirect insurance capacity of the protected family members, if any

The last two supporting documents are requested automatically by the services, and only when it is not possible to request them by office, they are submitted by the insured.

The deposit account number (IVAN) is only provided if it has not been announced in the past or has changed.

Issuance of the decision

  1. After processing the request, a decision is issued by the service to approve or reject, which the insured receives from the service for which he is responsible (where he originally submitted or about), while the decision is also displayed on DYPA's online services.

Registration deadline

The deadline for applications is:

  1. For Initial Support: Sixty (60) days from the day following the date of termination or termination of the employment relationship.
  2. For continuation of a pending grant: two (2) years from the date of approval of the initial grant

Where and how to apply

An application for regular unemployment benefit is submitted, after the unemployment bulletin is issued, either to the KPA2 service of the person concerned's place of residence or to the KPA2 service of his or her last job. Choosing a KPA2 service is important, because this service will be responsible for all matters relating to the support of the insured person and must be contacted upon request.

When submitting the application, the unemployed person must:

  1. Updated:
  2. For the conditions of the subsidy and for the purpose of processing his personal data
    For his obligations during the subsidy period, submitting an acknowledgment of responsibility according to Law 1599/86, while being aware of it.
  3. Announce
  4. If he has protected members in his family, an additional fee of 10% is given.
  5. The bank account in which he is the primary beneficiary, where his interest will be deposited.
  6. Submit supporting documents

With the final submission of the application, the unemployed person receives a copy of it recording specific time periods during which he must declare his presence in person at DYPA until his application is examined. These time intervals are also reflected in DYPA's electronic services.

Duration/amount of support

The duration of support depends on:

  1. Of the number of working days that occurred in the critical period of the previous year
  2. From the number of daily allowances that the insured received during the four years preceding the start of the allowance he requests, which dIt should not exceed four hundred (400).
  3. Based on the above, the duration of the master’s subsidy will beIt lasts from two (2) to four (4) monthss, when there is no support during the four years. If the skin owners were supported during the four years but received less than four hundred (400) daily allowances, they are entitled to receive support for the remaining number of daily allowances until completion.
  4. The maximum limit is four hundred (400) daily allowance.
  5. Basic daily unemployment benefits At a price of 19.16 euros
  6. For every full month of support disbursed Twenty-five (25) Daily bonuses
  7. The above amounts are increased by 10% For each protected member of the beneficiary's family

The subsidy is paid as follows:

Easter and Christmas gifts

Christmas and Easter gifts are paid during the support period.

  1. Christmas gift is paidProvided that the insured is supported during the period from 01.05 to 31.12. Three (3) daily Christmas gift allowances are paid for each full month of support. If support is not completed for a full month, the Christmas gift will not be paid.
  2. Easter gift is paid, Provided that the insured is supported during the period from 01.01 to 30.04. Three (3) daily Easter gift allowances are paid for each full month of support. (12.5) twelve and a half (12.5) daily allowances will be paid for support throughout the aforementioned period. If the entire month of support is not completed, the Easter Gift will not be paid.

Subsidy payment

  1. Monthly bonuses are paid “in arrears”, that is, from the day after they expire
  2. Each monthly allowance is automatically credited to the bank account declared by the beneficiary, as long as he or she submits timely attendance declarations
  3. Monthly allowances are disbursed once a week, specifically on the last working day of that week (Friday).
  4. With the insured's request Guarantees payment of both amounts (2) of his first monthly bonus without taking any further action.

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