April 19, 2024

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Greece national team: “The end” of Puget and the day after exclusion from Euro 2024 – Newsbomb – News

Greece national team: “The end” of Puget and the day after exclusion from Euro 2024 – Newsbomb – News

Greek national team: Turning the page after losing on penalties to Georgia and being eliminated from the 2024 European Championship.

The dream of participating in its finals Euro 2024 From Germany he went to Tbilisi to attend greek national team, Which was defeated 4-2 on penalties by Georgia (0-0 in regular time and extra time) in the final match and was eliminated.

On the other side, The Georgians will “attend” for the first time in their history the finals of a major event.

fatal to her Hellas She was Pacasitas And Giakoumakis Who missed two penalty kicks, and the Georgians showed more composure than the white bullet and achieved qualification.

The contrast in emotions after the end of the match was extreme, as Georgian fans entered the field and celebrated with the players for their success.

On the contrary, his players Greek national team They were devastated, as some fell to the grass in tears, unable to digest the lost opportunity, while others They burst into tears in the locker room.

The end of Puget and its upcoming competitive obligations Greek national team

And now everything turns on her the next day greece national team, Which it wouldn't include except in a shocking possibility Gustavo Puget.

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the a contract For the Uruguayan coach European Patent Office Ends March 31st.

Although neither party took an official position, the events that preceded it and the Union moved not to offer him a new contract, regardless of the outcome of the rehabilitation efforts in… euro 2024, Witness the actions of those involved.

himself Puget Speaking after the match against Georgia, he clearly stated: “Five more days! Now is not the time to talk about it (regarding his contract), it is the time to analyze what happened tonight. It was an honor to be here.

How they treated me on the road, and how much they supported me within the team. Now we have to calm down, relax and see the next day».

the Gustavo Puget took over Greek national team On February 11, 2022. In 21 matches, he achieved 12 wins, two draws and seven losses. Under his guidance, the 'Blue and White' finished first in their group in the UEFA Nations League, giving them the opportunity to claim via the qualifiers a qualification to the Euros.

An attempt that ended in disgrace after being disqualified agriculture.

No matter the subject of the coach, at the competitive level, the Greek national team She now has it in front of her Friendly against Germany on June 7 and then Nations League.

The blue and white team is now in the second category and has been placed in a group with it england, Ha Ireland And the Finland.

The first official commit is running September 7, 2024 against Finland, in a fast-paced 6-game process that will be completed by November 17.

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Regarding the next qualifying stage for the tournament world cup 2026, It will start on March 21, 2025 and end on March 31, 2026.

However, until now, No date has been set for the withdrawal From the European region qualifiers.

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