December 4, 2022

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Nikologiannis: The match in Volos will be blood and sand for PAO – Football – Super League 1

in mad from his friends Panathinaiko To be next to their favorite team, which prompted PAE to ask Even to fully open the “Panthessalian Stadium”I stood in the “air”. bwinSPORT FM 94.6.0 Update Tasos Nikologiannis.

«What will happen with Volos has been happening for years. It happened once with Panileiakos, when he won the championship, and again with Ergotelis, due to the multiplicity of contributions. It doesn’t happen often and it shows the spark lit in people who want to help their team. Panathinaikos got more tickets last night, with current data I see at least 14-15,000 people. Today, there will be another security meeting and we will see if the entire stadium will be opened as its people wish‘, he said, among other things.

At the same time, the station correspondent emphasized that the friends of the “Clover” should be extremely careful so that there is no danger that the house will be punished, but also that their team will be exposed. Also tickets for Agriño.

Speaking of the competitive part, Nikologiannis specifically mentioned:I say it from now on, the match will be blood and sand. Volos will play like Olympiacos and AEK. He will take the spirit of Panathinaikos, it is a very good team, talented in midfield, knows how to defend properly and plays very well in the area. In the past two years, Panathinaikos passed through Volos once».

While regarding 11 Panathinaikos against Team Magnesia, he indicated that it will consist of Brignoli, Sanchez – with Kucera vying for the position – Sinkefeld, Magnuson, Huancar, Ruben, Siren, Bernard, Verbeek, Palacios and Sporarwho will replace Ioannis.

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