July 20, 2024

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Ukraine: a drone attack in Crimea targeted a Russian military base – dozens of deaths reported

Ukraine: a drone attack in Crimea targeted a Russian military base – dozens of deaths reported

A Ukrainian report stated that “dozens of occupiers were killed or wounded” in the 17th drone attack in Crimea

A Ukrainian drone strike in Russia-controlled Crimea over the weekend targeted a Russian military logistics base in the western Black Sea peninsula, according to a report.

17 drones were used in the attack, which took place from Friday night into Saturday at the base near Yevpatoria, according to a report by the Ukrainian newspaper Ukranska Pravda, citing sources in the Ukrainian SBU intelligence service.

According to the first reports, “dozens of invaders” were killed or wounded. Equipment was also damaged, the newspaper reported late yesterday. However, the exact extent of the damage is being investigated. The German News Agency (dpa) said that it was not possible to verify the authenticity of the information by an independent source.

What was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense

Russian air defenses were reportedly activated in parts of Crimea on Friday night. According to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, Russian forces have intercepted 20 Ukrainian drones.

The state-run Tass news agency reported that the “avoided terrorist attack” resulted in no casualties or damage. DPA indicated that this information could not be referenced either.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said it shot down a Ukrainian drone in the Belgorod region, near the border with today’s northeastern Ukraine. The TASS telegram said that the plane was shot down at 4 am (local and Greek time), noting that there were no casualties or damage.

Source: APE-MEB

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