April 24, 2024

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Ukraine: After losing the war, Zelensky calls for the release of US aid

Ukraine: After losing the war, Zelensky calls for the release of US aid

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He told CBS News In the case of Ukrainian defense, especially ammunition.

As spring approaches, Zelensky said Ukrainian forces were able to contain Russian incursions during the worst of the winter months. But the snow will melt and this will increase the movement of the warring factions.

“We have succeeded in stabilizing the situation,” he said. “The situation is better than it was two or three months ago, when we had a major shortage of artillery ammunition, with various types of weapons.” “We did not see the large, massive counterattack from Russia at all. They were not “Successful.”

President Zelensky spoke in trenches apparently created for protection from enemy artillery.

“We need help now,” Zielinsky says.

However, Zelensky acknowledged that invading Russian forces and a seemingly endless supply of rockets and missiles had destroyed “some villages.” We didn't have missiles or artillery shells or a lot of different things,” he said, stressing that while his forces have largely managed to keep the Russians at bay so far, they are not prepared to defend against another major Russian attack expected in the coming 2019 months.

He added that this is expected at the end of May or June. “Before that, we must not only prepare, but we must work to stabilize the situation, because that will make our opponents happy if we succeed in stabilizing the situation,” Zelensky said of the United States and other backers of Ukraine. “No, I'm saying we need help now.”

We are mainly dealing with a war of attrition with artillery, where Russia has greater firepower, but also greater range.

The villages of the mobile front know the devastating firepower of Russian artillery.

Russia excels at range

“In Bakhmut, Abdevka, Lisitsansk, Soldari, etc., it was really difficult to fight the enemy, whose artillery shells could reach a range of more than 20 kilometers, while the range of our artillery shells was less than 20 kilometers,” he added. .

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With heavily armed soldiers watching the horizon, we followed Zelensky as he inspected freshly dug underground bunkers in northeastern Ukraine, on the outskirts of the city of Sumy, no more than 15 miles from the Russian border.

Zelensky told reporters that the entire region was on high alert in response to a large buildup of Russian forces across the border and attacks on nearby villages. It appears from the pictures that we are dealing with trench warfare to protect against artillery.

“They usually attack with artillery and destroy villages, and then they always try to seize them,” he said. “We don't know what will happen tomorrow. That's why we have to prepare.”

What we desperately need, he said, are US Patriot missile defense systems and more artillery.

Zelensky talks about delaying US aid and why Ukraine needs it

What we desperately need, he said, are US Patriot missile defense systems and more artillery. While he is grateful for the billions of dollars in US support his country has already received, he said the nature of the funding the US government is devoting to help Ukraine must be kept in perspective.

“Tens of billions are still in the United States,” he said. “Let's be honest, the money that Congress and the government appropriate, in most cases, 80% of that money — well, at least more than 75% — stays in the United States. That ammunition comes to us, but the production takes place there and the money stays in the United States.” The taxes remain in the United States.

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The president added: “Yes, it is huge support coming to us, but we need it.”

In the face of Republicans' objections to the reasons that prompted them to fund Ukraine, he replied that 75% to 80% of the funds would remain in the American economy, where they would be used to purchase American weapons.

The war in Gaza has redirected global attention – and US aid – away from Ukraine

“First of all, we realize that (what is happening in Gaza) represents a humanitarian catastrophe,” he said. “Of course, he got Ukraine's interest in the information field. “It is a fact, and when you lose interest from your region to other regions, it is clear that you do not see the point and that is good for Russia.”

Regarding Russian accusations against Ukraine, he said that the terrorist attack in Moscow “even after ISIS claimed responsibility!”, rejecting Putin’s insinuations and describing them as “ridiculous.”

“He doesn't care whether it's terrorism, economic energy, the oil industry or any of these areas,” Zelensky said of Putin, accusing him of “using this to unite his society as much as possible, even and what happened in Moscow.” With such a large number of victims and wounded, he uses all of this for the sole purpose of justifying the non-existence of Ukraine.”

“First we, then Kazakhstan, then the Baltics, then Poland, then Germany. At least half of Germany,” he said, evoking memories of the Cold War.

Can the war be won while Putin remains in power?

Zelensky acknowledged that would be a major challenge, but “he said that winning the war village by village would weaken Putin at home, and he warned that if Ukraine loses, Putin will not stop there.” Russia's war “may reach Europe and the United States.”

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For him, we are a satellite of the Russian Federation. At the moment, it is us, then Kazakhstan, then the Baltics, then Poland, then Germany. At least half of Germany.” He added: “Even tomorrow, the missiles can reach any country. This aggression and Putin's army can reach Europe, and then US citizens, US soldiers, will have to protect Europe because they are members of NATO.”

Zelensky described the Russian invasion of his country as a war “against democracy, against values, and against the whole world,” and said that there may be some in the West who are tired of hearing the message, “but only those who are not at war are tired.” “Who do not know what war is and who have never lost their children.”

He added: “The 1980s and then the late 1990s will never forgive that,” referring to the collapse of the Soviet Union. “He believes that. We don't need to change his mind. We have to change him. We have to replace him.”