July 7, 2022

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Ukraine: Look at the sun, the wish of a child refugee in Mariupol

Refugees living in a huge iron factory Like MariupolThe last stronghold of the Ukrainian fighters, one after the other shocked the whole world Video There they are heard shouting “to see the sun”.

Post published Azov BattalionThe whole family shows that they are “rooted” and the military is bringing in little food Toys So the minors forget about being imprisoned hastily and compulsorily.

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“I want to see the sun because the light is low here and it’s not outside. If our houses are renovated we can live in peace.

Refugee child.

How is the life of the refugees in the steel factory?

Created by Azov Battalion Pro-Ukrainian nationalists In 2014, he was later placed in Ukrainian national custody, where he has been protecting hundreds of people at the plant. Moscow Promised not to drink.

Soldiers bring toys and food for the children of workers who dream of taking refuge there Look at the sunlight again.

As “life is beautiful”, with that father who invented games for his son in a Nazi concentration camp, Ukrainian soldiers rooted at the Mariupol Steel Mill turn prison imprisonment into a burden for children.

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“Even if we have mobile games, I want to see the sun”Minor insists.

Because at this time only the little ones are distracted by the phone: “We want to go home, we want to come back alive and see our families,” says the boy.

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Minor refugees with children of workers Azovstall metallurgical plantOccupied by the Chechens, and soldiers and civilians live together in their bunker.

A woman who had been locked up with her little girl for 50 days can now be seen in the video longing to come out because, he says, The meal was over.

Staying underground can be unbearable for children who summarize a collective desire in the voice of children: see their homes being rebuilt Live peacefully in Ukraine.