April 18, 2024

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Ukrainian mothers train their children with guns before the “immediate” Russian invasion

The United States last week promised a Russian invasion of Ukraine Was “immediate” and had a “full” purpose, Which led to the mass exodus of foreigners from that country. The attack on Moscow, which, according to Washington, will take place in a few days, among other things, has begun to train Ukrainian civilians in the use of weapons.

And young people are not the only ones involved in these practices. Seals now, it intensifies Conflict between Ukraine and Russia, They are joined by young mothers Shooting practice with their childrenYou can see it in the video that comes with this message.

This Sunday, the Pentagon reiterated that the Russian offensive would definitely happen “very soon.” US President Joe Biden, for his part, reiterated his commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

The attack can happen “at any time”

Following are some of the statements made by US government security adviser Jake Sullivan in a televised interview that Russia’s occupation of Ukraine could occur “at any time”.

“We can not predict exactly tomorrow, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine could begin at any time. Including the week starting now “,” Sullivan said in an interview with CNN.

The White House defense adviser pointed out that US intelligence analysis of recent stabilization and maneuvers by the Russian armed forces has determined that the potential for a “very soon” attack on Ukraine is high.