July 23, 2024

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General – Radio Minas affiliated with drug trafficking group

General – Radio Minas affiliated with drug trafficking group
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The Colombian National Army was rocked this Sunday by a new scandal that allegedly led General George Hernando Herrera Diaz, the current commander of the Sixth Division, to join a drug trafficking group to fight dissidents from former armed guerrillas. Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) in Kaka.

Army officials said in a statement that the general had been fired and investigations were underway following a complaint from the media.

A meeting will be held with his subordinates in 2019, where he will tell them who the commanders were in the “Los Poselos” gang area, who met him and who met him.

The commander of the army, General Jorge Enrique Zapatero, insisted that the investigation begin with information obtained that “the cause of the disorderly conduct of a public official”. He was replaced by General Freddie Marlon Coy William.


Digital Medium Cambio and the news program Noticias Uno released audio recordings of a conversation between Herrera and his aides in July 2019, in which Commander Los Posillos explains what his alliance with the drug gang is.

“Galise is armed and funded, Brother Pocilo (…) Brother, understand, the men continue to deal with drug trafficking and they continue to commit crimes. I meet them, they come here, they talk to me, ”said Herrera, commander of a brigade in the Kaka (southwest) department.

The press release confirms that the meeting discussed the fight against a section of FARC dissidents marginalized from the peace agreement signed by the military in 2016 with Los Pochelos, although the AFP reports that part of the record was not disclosed. .

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“This is a terrible war, so we’re very foolish to know it’s going to happen, and we do not want to believe it,” Herrera said in another published piece of conversation.

The military has asked the attorney general’s office to investigate not only the general, but also military personnel who may have attended the meeting, because at the time, it was their duty to condemn these illegal activities, the bulletin said.

According to a press conference, Herrera confronted groups under “Gentle Duarte”, one of the most wanted men in the country.

The soldier acknowledged his links to the Los Pochelos gang, which controls a corridor that produces 150 tons of cocaine a year, 15 percent of world consumption, according to the report.