June 21, 2024

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“Non-immigration day”: Thousands march to White House demanding immigration reform

Washington DC.- The call for a “day without immigrants”, which began as a campaign on social media to highlight the importance of immigrants in the economy, was fulfilled in a huge march to the gates of the White House.

One cold morning in Washington DC but under clear skies, thousands of people from across the country demanded that President Joe Biden fulfill the promise of immigration reform.

“I would like to bring a message to President Joe Biden and tell him that he has not kept his promise. He promised us a long time ago to carry out immigration reform.” Latin Link NCAntelmo Salazar, Chairman NC Collective.

“The Latin community has worked hard, so Joe Biden is very happy with his presidency now and has not given us any answers,” he added.

Salazar’s words, who Especially from North Carolina to Washington DCSummarizes the social atmosphere found in the flower gardens of Lafayette Square, a few meters from the president’s official residence: Disappointment and exhaustion on the path to citizenship, many consider collecting votes in the campaign as mere magic. .

Author’s message of invitation to Joe Biden

Carlos Espina, a 23 – year – old Uruguayan immigrant, has been living in the United States since he was 5 years old. To demonstrate the importance of the immigrant community in the economy.

For this reason, Carlos Espina was one of the most loved faces by the flashes during the demonstration. He was one of the first to arrive at Lafayette Square and one of the last to leave.

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“The United States is experiencing a labor shortage when there are millions of people who want to work and are unable to. You need to use immigration to strengthen the country,” Carlos Espina told the media.

“If Biden says there are no workers, he should go out and give the papers right now to everyone who wants to be here and work honestly. Because there are workers. What is not there is a political belief or a fantasy necessary to accomplish something firm,” Carlos Espina told the media in an interview.

In that sense, it is possible Espina’s voted for Biden in 2020, but she did not hide her frustration with the democratic administration.

“I have already said publicly that I voted for Biden. But I see what he did as a betrayal. Someone encouraged you with confidence and then betrayed you.

“If I could talk to Biden I would say, ‘Look me in the face and explain why you did not deliver on your promise.’ Now they say the problem is the lack of 60 votes in the Senate.

Controversy over the Republican Immigration Reform Bill

There was a controversy last week Bill introduced by Republican Congresswoman Elvira Salazar Although it proposes to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, it has many points that are considered negative by certain sections of the immigrant community.

In particular, the plan does not include a path to citizenship, and proposes an electronic verification system to increase border security and verify the immigration status of all workers in the country.

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While most of the “one day without immigrants” protesters were disappointed with the lack of democratic governance response, the Republican bill also drew sharp criticism.

“For us, the Republicans’ attempt to carry the Latin vote is just a ploy. This plan will harm our community,” activist Isaiah Guerrero warned during the march. Latin Link NC/

“It is fraught with traps like the electronic verification system, which criminalizes the entire undocumented community. It is very dangerous to put too much money on the border,” he said.

Continue to push for immigration reform

According to Guerrero, the priority of the Latin community is to push for comprehensive immigration reform.

“We see that the most important thing is to work for Congress with an existing proposal that will pave the way for citizenship in the budget.”

Carlos Espina, for his part, admitted that Elvira Salazar, the author of the controversial project, had contacted him.

Dictator agrees with Guerrero that there are various flaws in the Republican plan.

“Personally, I do not like it very much. I see many flaws in Elvira Salazar’s plan, but a plan is a plan that can always be negotiated. You do not have to reject it because something comes from one party or another. What we want here is to help the community, to us. We are going to work with those who want to help, ā€¯Espina said.

“Immigrant Day” in Raleigh

Struggle for undocumented immigrants was heard not only in Washington DC, but in many parts of the country.

In fact, echoes of the protest reached Raleigh, where religious leaders, social activists and political representatives and local community organizations joined in “a day without immigrants”.

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The offices of Republican Senator Tom Dillis were the center of the protests in Raleigh, where various departments gathered to ask for a path to citizenship.

“Immigration reform means stability and peace for the millions of workers and their families who directly contribute to the country’s growth and economic development,” said Pilar Rocha-Goldberg. Hispanic Center.

Ana Ilarza-Blackburn, a member of the Campaign for the poor North Carolina and another of the protesters said, “Statistics show that this nation cannot prosper without an immigrant community.”

Meanwhile, under the icy Washington DC skies, the crowd was reminded of the president’s campaign promise.

“United people will never be defeated,” they chanted with megaphones on the doorstep of their own home: the White House. Even the cold could not intimidate them.