April 18, 2024

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With a strong religious content, the speech of NIKI’s leader Natsios in Larissa – they started by singing the Agathistos Hymn (photo

With a strong religious content, the speech of NIKI’s leader Natsios in Larissa – they started by singing the Agathistos Hymn (photo

Alluded to his special relationship with the city of Larisa and the “unfixing” of Larisa parliamentary candidate Vasiliky Ziakas. Leader of Democratic Patriotic Movement NIKIS and theologian Mr. Dimitrios Natsios From the “Palladium” reception center outside Larissa, the movement’s planned open political event took place tonight, Tuesday night: “On June 25 we claim the Greece we deserve!”. The event began with participants singing the Akathistos hymn while carrying blue and white flags.

“It is said that he who has Christ as his master and the Virgin Mary as his mother will want to show victory. Nikis was defamed the day after the election. Thank God we endure, we are strong. We are Romans, we are not afraid. We left fear in the mother’s womb. Emphasizing, among others, Mr. Natsios.

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NIKI Head of Foreign Affairs and Hon’ble Vice President of Supreme Court Mr. George Apostolakis raised questions about the Mitsotakis government’s management of the coronavirus pandemic, surveillance and auctions. Mr. Georgios Apostolakis. “Do I need to recall the abrogation of the constitution by the imposition of compulsory health measures and especially vaccinations during the epidemic? The suspension of the work of the health workers? The violation of the privacy of private life and freedom by illegal surveillance and recording even of ministers? The cruel precision that destroyed the tolerance of families? The cruel robbery of the first residence of the Greeks?’ He pointed out, among other things.

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Supporters of NIKI and its leading executives were “present” at the event. Among them is NIKI’s vice president and lawyer, political scientist Mr. George Roundas. We remind you that the name of the latter occupied a lot in the previous period, since the people ignored the verdict after the end of the party and he was appointed in the elected position of Vasiliky Ziyaka of Larissa by a candidate in Corinth. First in B.E. Larissa with 3,491 crosses.

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The event was coordinated by the Regional Governor of Thessaly Mr. Nikis. Panagiotis Kalambakas.

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