August 12, 2022

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Unemployed celebrity leader arrested in Panama

Voider and several others were detained amid violent clashes between protesters and riot police.

Cologne’s governor, Jerezma de Dale, told reporters before the arrests that a dialogue table would be set, but that immigrants were demanding the presence of President Laurentino Cardiso.

We will continue to demand on the streets that the promises made in November 2021 be fulfilled to solve the problems related to drinking water, roads, unemployment, bus terminals, hospitals and property rights.

Participants in the strike indicated that pressure levels would continue to rise, closing key arteries in the eastern Caribbean region until a response was received from authorities.

The strike will continue for a second day in the Caribbean province of Cologne, following calls from the government for a firm response from various unions to address issues such as rising fuel prices and other socio-economic problems. Affecting the beach.

The previous day, after the stoppage began in the early hours of the morning, riot squads of the National Police cracked down on protesters with tear gas, forcing them to clear blocked roads.

The further reduction in fuel prices and the consequent construction of the base basket, Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital, provincial stadium and transport terminal are part of the demands of the settlers.

In this regard, Diogenes Calvan, one of the leaders of civil society, announced that he would demand that Cardiso fulfill his promise at the end of last year: high unemployment, in the midst of a tense situation as it is now.

Calvan noted that the response of the national government, as you can see, was repression.

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In the Central American capital, truck drivers closed the Cinquantonario road on Tuesday, demanding that they take part in government-sponsored projects.

Leaders of the United Dump Trucks Association went to the presidency and presented their demands, including the passage of Bill 808, which builds confidence in the compensation, reduction and stabilization of petroleum prices.

While this was going on, Cortizo met Martin Spicer, the regional director of the International Monetary Fund of Latin America and the Caribbean (IFC), at the Palacio de las Carsas (headquarters of secretaries).

The meeting will be attended by Sanaa Abusaid, IFC Regional Manager for Central America, who briefed him on Panama’s economic and private sector expectations, the president’s statement said.

Cortizo thanked the IFC for supporting Isthmus, saying an “open door policy” was underway with private sector workers and trade unions to reactivate the economy affected by Covid-19.

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