February 26, 2024

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USA: First human case of bubonic plague – possible transmission

USA: First human case of bubonic plague – possible transmission

He found the man to be becomes infected State health authorities say this is the first case in eight years since the plague was discovered again in the United States independent.

According to data collected by the competent authorities, it is possible that the citizen was infected through his pet, a cat.

the Deschutes County Health Services He announced on Wednesday that a local resident was suffering from the plague, saying it was possible that his “symptomatic pet cat” had transmitted the infection to the person, The Independent reported.

“We have contacted those who had contact with the resident and the animal and have been given medications to prevent the disease,” said Dr. Richard Fawcett, Deschutes County Health Officer.

The doctor also stated that it was a cat “very sick” He had an abscess that was bleeding, which meant a “very large” infection, according to NBC.

Health officials said the human case was identified and treated in the early stages of the disease, meaning it does not pose a significant risk to the community.

Until the patient is admitted to the hospital, The infection has progressed In the bloodstream, the agency said.

The Independent has reached out to Deschutes County Health Services for more information on this matter.

However, sick “She responded very well to antibiotic treatment,” the doctor said.

As the disease progresses, it becomes more difficult to deal with.

No other cases of plague were reported during the investigation. Dr. Fawcett stated, according to him nbcAnd that he would be “very surprised” if they saw more cases.

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The most common animals that carry plague in Central Oregon are squirrels, but rats and other rodents can also transmit the disease, county health officials said.