February 20, 2024

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Fireballs, flames and explosions in the largest amusement park in Sweden

Fireballs, flames and explosions in the largest amusement park in Sweden

A major fire broke out this morning in the city's largest amusement park SwedenIn the Gutenberg (West), as the fire spread to a new marine park, while 12 people were slightly injured, according to the authorities.

The police announced that they had begun evacuating the hotel and offices located next to it Leesburg Amusement ParkWhich is located in central Gothenburg, noting that 12 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Pictures published by Swedish media show fireballs, flames and explosions destroying a water slide, while a cloud of black smoke rises above the city. Watch the video Swedish emergency services asked residents in the surrounding area to “stay indoors, close doors and windows, and do not use air conditioning” due to the smoke.

The police explained in a press statement issued that it was too early to talk about a possible arson fire and give an estimate of the extent of the damage.

“A major fire broke out at the Liseberg Oceana water park… The fire started in one of the attractions outside the building and then spread throughout the building,” Liseberg said in a press release.

The water park is part of an expansion plan for the theme park and was scheduled to open later in 2024. According to Swedish news agency TT, the new water park will cost 1.2 billion kroner (107 million euros).

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