April 18, 2024

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USA: New bloc of senators on F-16s in Turkey

USA: New bloc of senators on F-16s in Turkey

They are very concerned about the obstacles it puts turkey in the joining path Sweden Which Finland In the NATO The expression of the members of the United States Senate in a letter to be sent to the President Joe Biden.

In particular, lawmakers are asking the US president to link the issue of NATO expansion With the request submitted by Ankara to upgrade and purchase new F-16 fighters. The bipartisan speech was drafted by the Democratic senator, Jane Shaheenfrom New Hampshire and fellow Republican, Tom Tellisfrom North Carolina, while currently circulating in the Senate to collect more signatures.

The message will be sent from the US Senators to President Biden

“Failure to ratify the protocols or provide a timetable for ratification threatens the unity of the alliance at a critical juncture as Russia continues its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Establishing a productive and mutually beneficial bilateral security relationship with Turkey is in the interest of the United States. However, failure should be taken into account. Turkey cannot fulfill its obligations under the Turkey-Finland-Sweden Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding.Congress cannot consider future support to Turkey, including the sale of F-16 fighter jets, until Turkey completes ratification of the accession protocols.

As of July 5, 28 of the 30 NATO member states have ratified the accession protocols of Sweden and Finland, including the United States. Of the two remaining coalition members, Hungary has pledged to ratify the protocols when lawmakers meet in Parliament in February 2023.

At the 2022 NATO summit in Madrid, Turkey signed a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding with Sweden and Finland, outlining the agreements on efforts by the two countries to address security concerns raised by Turkey as a condition of their membership. Since then, Sweden and Finland have worked to implement the concerns outlined in this memorandum, including but not limited to the increasing efforts to combat international terrorism and the terrorist organizations affiliated with the PKK in both Sweden and Finland which is a terrorist organization. An organization designated as such by the United States and the European Union. Efforts continue to strengthen law enforcement capacities to support extradition and deportations in Turkey, in accordance with national procedures and the rule of law. Sweden and Finland have also initiated processes to review their regulatory framework for arms exports. Sweden recently granted one of the first export licenses from the Swedish defense industry for the delivery of military equipment to Turkey from 2019. Finland is also considering awarding export licenses. It is clear that Sweden and Finland are making full efforts and in good faith to fulfill the NATO membership conditions requested by Turkey.

Despite this apparent progress, Turkey has not ratified the accession protocols of Sweden and Finland and was not ready to commit to a timetable for consideration of ratification of the protocols. Turkey has proven to be an important NATO ally as Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine continues. We appreciate Turkey’s commitment to implementing the UN-brokered grain deal, which allowed Ukraine to export grain and avert a global food crisis. However, this relationship has been overshadowed by persistent delays in ratifying NATO’s enlargement, and these delays pose a threat to the security of the Alliance, Europe, and the world order that Vladimir Putin continues to threaten. As evidenced by the ratification of the Sweden and Finland Accession Protocols by 28 of NATO’s 30 member states, Sweden and Finland will provide new and advanced capabilities to the Alliance that will better position NATO to respond to current and emerging threats.

The United States and Turkey cooperate on a number of security priorities. The United States’ continued efforts to support these priorities, such as your administration’s support for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, are based on a shared understanding of supporting our democratic allies. Once Turkey’s NATO accession protocols are ratified, Congress may consider selling F-16 fighter jets. However, not doing so would call into question this pending sale.

When Putin invaded Ukraine, he aimed to break up the transatlantic alliance. Instead, like the United States and our allies, we have responded to this unprecedented moment in history with unprecedented unity and strength. We urge you to continue to work with the US Ambassador to Turkey, the US Mission to NATO, and our allies, including Sweden and Finland, to encourage Turkey to move quickly to support transatlantic unity and ratify Sweden and Finland’s accession protocols. to NATO.”

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Source: RES-MPE

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