February 22, 2024

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USA: “Suffocation” on a flight – passengers suffered the worst accident

USA: “Suffocation” on a flight – passengers suffered the worst accident

The worst accident that anyone can suffer in the air happened to a passenger on a flight in the United States of America on Christmas Eve.

And in the complaint that was filed, according to its publication New York Post On Reddit, a parent claimed that a passenger defecated on him during the flight and that his feces were all over the seat.

According to the post, which has gone viral with numerous views online, the horrific, smelly incident occurred when the Reddit user and his 8-year-old daughter were on a connecting flight from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia en route. To Key West, Florida.

Shortly after take-off, the parent noticed a foul odor wafting throughout the plane cabin, leading him to believe his child had been in an accident.

They understood what happened upon landing

“About 20 minutes into the flight, I smelled a foul odor. I asked my daughter if she had a bowel movement (she is 8 years old),” she wrote in the post. “She denies doing anything wrong, but the smell lingered throughout the flight.”

It was only after they landed that they discovered the terrifying source of the stench: upon landing, they saw someone sitting eight rows in front of them and defecating all over the seat, so that the bottom was completely “covered” with feces. As they added in the comments, the stool was also in the middle of the passenger's back.

He added: “This person sat in his own filth for an hour and then left for the Atlanta airport covered in feces.”

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In fact, in the comments section, the person filing the complaint specified that the plane had been rolling on the runway for 45 minutes, meaning the man in the accident had been sitting on his dirt the entire time.

And those weren't the only things that happened during the trip. “Also during boarding, once the plane was full, they announced that someone had left their dog in the boarding area,” the passenger recalled.

Another user who commented on the post claimed that he was also on the plane and even in the same row as the person who had the accident.

“I saw dirt on the seat like peanut butter.”

He said in his comment: “I was waiting for someone to post this,” and added, confirming the incident. “If so, I was in the same row, the person was in the left aisle seat, and we were on the right side (middle and window).” Upon getting down, I saw dirt on the seat like peanut butter like you mentioned. I saw the person running towards the toilets,” he commented characteristically.

“I was hoping someone else would come here to share,” the person who made the original post replied.

Airplane cabin

But some seemed more condescending to the person who had the accident. “Someone with stomach problems. I understand them. I might have an event twice a year. So far I've never been on a plane,” said another user in a mood to excuse the man who had the accident.

“Life is not easy for people with stomach problems. I literally threw away my underwear, washed my pants in the sink and soap, and scrubbed them with sanitizer just to finish the trip,” another wrote.

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