July 23, 2024

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Vangelis Apostolo is also leaving SYRIZA

Vangelis Apostolo is also leaving SYRIZA

Memories are not enough 11/16/2023

After my long and unwavering presence in the field of renewal and the radical left, as much as I worry about the next day, I come to a conclusion:

After last weekend’s events in Central Committee, it is impossible to avoid the only conclusion that reveals itself:

Until now, Syriza was here, live with its memory.

And of course you won’t hide your path in the field, your departure should be painless because the Syriza you knew is no more.

I was hoping that in a period of repeated defeats, some meaningful dialogue would be initiated regarding our performance as an opposition party and the evaluation and promotion of our government work.

Finally, the destruction of space was organized, the defamation of the work of the government made us proud and not only allowed our country to exit the market in the matter of 37 billion, but also helped the administration. Memoirs.

But the silence is contributing to Syriza’s demise today.

For me, the only way is to leave this SYRIZA. I will remain as always in the battle for renewal and the radical left.

A detailed report in SYRIZA the following day by Vangelis Apostolos, former member of parliament and former minister of Evia Syriza:

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