December 8, 2023

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First results from an autopsy of the Dutch in Thessaly

Failures Identified in its flood defences Thessaly A group of Dutch experts presented to the government First results From postmortems on the Thessalian plain. Their report says flood defenses need to be fundamentally changed.

Their main conclusions are structured around three axes


  • Widening the river basins and getting more water and removing the flood plains
  • Removal of embankments
  • Demolition of coastal structures, houses and commercial establishments
  • Reconstruction with new specifications: railways, roads, bridges
  • An artificial channel outside of Larissa diverts Pineo to Karla
  • Definition of Administrative Management

According to ERT, for administrative responsibility, they propose Clear Responsibilities and not multiple categories of responsibilities in multiple services. This will be resolved by the creation of Thessaly’s Water Management Agency, which is expected to be passed by law at the end or beginning of the year. 2024.

They recommend crisis management A 24-hour early warning center for residents will be created, receives and processes real-time weather data from every day and rivers to assess risk. At the same time, building warehouses with flood-proof equipment such as drilling machines, lifeboats and sandbags.

The prime minister will present the results to parliament next Wednesday, while the Dutch’s final plan Flood protection will be provided in February 2024.

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