July 23, 2024

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Tyler: “Syriza lost several elections, they are talking – that’s why Stephanos came, he will become the prime minister”

Tyler: “Syriza lost several elections, they are talking – that’s why Stephanos came, he will become the prime minister”

Tyler Macbeth, husband of SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kassalakis, spoke with Nikos Hatsinikola on the ANT1 program “Enopios Enopio”. Tyler Macbeth commented on their meeting, noting that it happened in a very natural way.

In a video shown during the Kasselakis interview, Tyler Macbeth initially referred to their meeting in New York and emphasized that he believes that if a person is right, you can be with them forever.

“Stephanos and I met in a very natural way. We were both living in New York at the time, in the West Village, and we kept bumping into each other in the neighborhood. After a while I was very outgoing and, you know, ‘I’m going to go talk to this person.’

That is why Stephanos came and we will do everything we can to make him PM

So one day while coming home from the gym at the same time I went over and introduced myself to him. I asked him if he lived in the neighborhood, and apparently I knew he did, but the first thing I thought was that it wasn’t so strange, I asked him the question,” he said of his initial introduction to Stephanos. Kassalakis.

“We have been in touch since that day and a few years later, we are now. I think clearly if you know who you are, as a personality and what you want as a person,” said Tyler Macbeth. “So when you have that self-awareness, when you know what kind of partner you’re looking for, that’s the key ingredient. But to answer the question, yes, I’m sure you can easily spend a lifetime with the right partner,” underlined Tyler Macbeth.

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Studies of Tyler Macbeth

She said she was educated in the US and holds degrees in psychology and nursing. She worked as a nurse for seven years, and now she has a doctorate in “specialty nursing,” which allows her to practice as a doctor in the United States.

“When we made the decision to run for the leadership of SYRIZA, we knew our lives would change,” he said of Stefanos Kassalakis. Now, everywhere we go, they recognize us, although they want to keep certain aspects of their lives private, and it’s not easy to have a camera following their every step, he stressed.

“Advertising didn’t change my life”

“My life hasn’t changed because of publicity, my everyday life hasn’t changed. The main thing is to stay grounded when you’re in the public domain,” she added, adding: “We’ll be lucky if we have kids, there’s no guarantee that’ll happen.”

We are very much a family, he insists that he loves Greece and doesn’t miss America.

Talking about his life with Stefanos Kasselakis and some of their private moments, he revealed that the president of Syriza doesn’t cook many things, but he cooks very good ribs.

He also said that they have common understanding on many issues and their relationship is based on equality.

“Syriza lost many elections, they should try to find out what is to blame”

Tyler Macbeth said in the second part of his statements that he is not discriminated against because he is gay. However, as he said, he often hears people say: “We don’t have a problem with you being gay, but can’t he (S.S. Kassalakis) find a Greek?”

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“I can’t speak Greek, but I’m working on it,” he insists, adding that he doesn’t like the idea that he’s not Greek, but welcome here. “People see us as real, society in general is very open. I understand the political scene here now, Syriza needs to have political introspection, see what the problem is with the party, this is what Stephanos is trying to do. He is doing it for the right reasons,” he underlined, touching on political issues as well.

It has lost several elections, he insisted of Syriza, and they need to find out what is to blame. That’s why Stephanos came and we will do everything we can to become the Prime Minister, and he underlined: “I have seen him grow in different sectors and in conditions against him. So far his manipulations have been completely successful.”

“No competition with Mitsotakis”

“There is no competition with Mitsotakis,” he continued. “It’s about who can rule the country ethically.” “I believe Stephanos will be the next prime minister of the country and we will be fully committed to that,” he added.

He has said that he is not interested in politics and is interested in medicine. “With the experiences in the US and Greece, I intend to help revise the nursing curriculum in Greece, because there are gaps and lack of autonomy in the US, and at the same time I will deal with the establishment of a nursing center,” he revealed.