May 18, 2024

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Viber: A new feature to save storage space in the app

Viber: A new feature to save storage space in the app

Viber’s new storage management feature makes it easier for users to locate and delete media files and free up space on their devices.

Rakuten Viber has announced a new storage management feature, allowing Viber users to easily control it and edit data when needed. Users with limited storage devices will now be able to use Viber more efficiently.

As the volume of multimedia messages has increased exponentially due to videos, AR lenses, photos and other forms of interactive communication, it is difficult for older versions of mobile devices to handle data efficiently.

According to GlobalStats, about 40% of Android users are using version 11.0 or lower for mobile and tablet devices, which means that a large number of users have limited storage space.

Viber’s new storage management feature allows users to clear cache from Viber or select chats that need to clear space.

Storage Manager helps users to see how much space Viber takes up on their devices, how much total storage they have, how much free space is left, and how much space each chat takes up.

Rakuten Viber announces a new storage/photo management feature: Rakuten Viber

Users can delete unnecessary files by selecting the files they want to remove for each conversation. This feature allows any media content from the chat, such as videos, photos or files, to be deleted only for the user performing the action, while the media files of other chat participants will not be affected.

If users have already downloaded the files they received in the app, those files will remain securely stored on the user’s device.

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Rakuten Viber, CEO: “This feature will be a game-changer for our users”

“We are excited to announce our new storage management feature that will make Viber more accessible globally. We want all our users to be able to send as many messages as possible to their family and friends without having to own latest or most technologically advanced devices.” “We believe this feature will be a game-changer for our users and will give them a great experience when it comes to freeing up space on their devices.”

For more information, see the Viber Storage Management support article:

For iOS, the feature will be available from version 19.3.0 and for Android, it will be available from version 19.4. This is a mobile only feature.

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