April 13, 2024

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Vicky Leandros: She fell off the stage while singing at a concert in Hanover – watch the video

Vicky Leandros: She fell off the stage while singing at a concert in Hanover – watch the video

Famous Greek singer Vicky Leandros was killed and fell off the stage during her concert in Hannover, Germany.

The 71-year-old singer was singing her song “Ich liebe das Leben” when she suddenly fell off the stage, one meter high, at Hannover's famous Koppelsaal on Friday evening, Bild newspaper reported. According to the German newspaper, Leandros was “lucky in her ordeal,” so she returned to the stage and continued her show.

She herself was lucky in her misfortune, as she says: “I could have fallen on my head or broken something, but I don’t even have a bruise.”

According to what the German newspaper reported, the incident occurred on Friday evening, near the end of her concert. Staff immediately rushed to help her while the audience, who had been singing along with her seconds before, suddenly “froze.”

The moment of falling

“The first time in my career”

Bild spoke to Vicky Leandros this morning, who said: “I found the scene. I fell off the stage in free fall. Fortunately, it fell to the side.”

“I must have had a lot of guardian angels, because I could have fallen on my head or broken something. But I don't have a single bruise, and I don't feel pain.”

However, Vicky Leandros, as a proper professional, continued with her concert. As he told Bild newspaper: “Because I was in shock, I immediately got up again – and continued singing.” Even today, the next morning, you are still by my side a little.”

He finally added: This happened to me for the first time in my entire career. Falling off the stage is every artist's nightmare!

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Vikes Leandros farewell tour

It is noteworthy that the great Greek singer is currently on a farewell tour, ending a long career that has spanned more than 50 years.

“I'm so excited to take you on a musical journey through time to celebrate life and music together,” she said, announcing the Ich liebe das Leben (I Love Life!) farewell tour.